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MHC is proud to feature: Q-CHIPS (Quantum Computer Holographic Information Program Software).  Q-CHIPS are a form of "digital homeopathy" which utilizes informational code sets embedded into the hologram "Chip" to help amplify frequencies / information you want and help negate frequencies / information you do NOT want in your bio-field(s).  All matter is surrounded by  a field of information, that is magically influential with this technology present on one's self.


Simply wear on person all day, and place the hologram card under all your water and food for a few minutes before consuming.  A good qualitative test (double blind placebo experiment) to validate the technology is performed by placing Q-CHIPs under a flavored drink (wine, lemon, fruit juice) and not the other sample (separate by 3 feet) then wait a few minutes and taste both samples.  If the Q-CHIP can change flavors/texture of drinks, imagine what it could do on your body over time...

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