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Essential Nutrition

This Quantumly Computerized Holographic Information Programs (Q-CHIP) Essential Nutrition is loaded with over 400 tunings (vitamins, minerals, and whole food supplements) intended to help boost your nutritional intake and overall health.  Get your rainbow spectrum of nutrition from this Q-CHIP daily Essential Nutrition.  Loaded with top sourece nutrients like ormus minerals, superfoods, detoxers, herbs, and more to stimulate recovery and nourish you in many more ways

So according to alternative quantum physics, somehow receiving the energetic signature of a nutrient (within your aura) is recognized by your body as the physical version and your body carries out the functions as if the nutrient where actually present, instead while only just the energetic fingerprint is present in this Q-CHIP Essential Nutrition.

For best results wear your Q-CHIPs on your person throughout the day and place them under your drinks and food for a few minutes before consuming.




Modern Health Coach LLC makes no claims as to the effects of these energy holograms.  Energy Holograms are scientific experimental devices and sold for informational purposes only.

Essential Nutrition

$77.00 Regular Price
$53.90Sale Price
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