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MHC - VisiON

The Short Version: 


Make you look better, lose weight, live a lot longer, more vibrant, at a higher frequency, more aware, without disease, more physical and energetic strength, while saving money, going green, less EMF exposure, and less stress. You will be more self empowered, present, able to deal with stress, relate to humans deeper, mend wounds faster, clear trauma, break patterns and become anew and improved.  If everyone listened to MHC, we would be light years ahead in all around health and energy use. Singularity not duality!


Further if we would all build our own green sustainable houses out of earth materials (cob, super adobe, straw bale, hempcrete, & earthships), provide our own power from solar, wind and free energy; grow our own food, and raise our own children in loving supporting efficient communities based on resource economics and work trade and barter for goods and services locally!  What else would you need beside good people, decent land, smart use of natural resources, know how , materials, team work and and total SELF SUSTAINING COMMUNITIES is the answer to the global and social ills of today.


Time to wise UP! We recently passed from the Age of Information into the Age of  Wisdom... what are you going to do with the info? Sit on it, ignore it, bury your head in the sand, take the blue pill? Wake up, evolve faster and take charge of your LIFE completely and absolutely. Don't relinquish your self governance, learn how to adjust your equalizer and optimize your vibration, its your manifest destiny opportunity knocking.  Contact me for details



The Long Version: 


In order for MHC's vision to truly resonate with you, you have to de-progam and re-condition yourself to what really IS, and not what you were told is the way it has to be. Think of MHC as your guide and partner into the 21st Century, pointing out to you the Services, Products, and Procedures so revolutionary... its empowering ot the Nth! 


We humans are here to further ourselves while enjoying the transformational journey aka life. Our existence on this planet will not continue as you know it, until "busines-as-usual" is also advanced into the new paradigm. We are in the Information Age trying and hoping to advance into the Wisdom Age. 


We should be advancing our own personal mental, physical, and spiritual strengths to attract like energies. We do that by tapping into the divine power in all of us, which empowers radical self-reliance to no-end. Change the planet, start with yourself. You have everything you will ever need right now, to change! Change is the only constant, keep up! Stress occurs when you resist change. U-stress euphoric like on a roller coaster is good stress.  Dis-stress or dis-ease is slef induced and bad, but reversible with knowledge and focus, applied over time in all areas of your so called life.


Let MHC show you how to make those transformational steps toward, raising your daily vibration rate (partly accomplished by raising your pH, Voltage, & Dissolved Oxygen in that order). and see what comes your way... 


MHC envisions a world where we don't need corporations, institutions and special-interest people telling us what we ought to do (to sustain their authorities and profits). These powers-that-be are not looking out for our best interest, but in sustaining their existence on exploiting us common folk at the bottom of the Western money Pyramid. I speak of governments, big Pharma, big Oil, organized religion, news media, police, military and utility companies. Don't believe them, they don't care about you! Let MHC show you superior ways to live alive empowered and not enslaved. 


Why is it 2014 and we still get 20 MPG on cars? Why are cancer and disease stats going up since turn of century? why is our planet soo polluted? Why is infertility way high? Why are we so out of balance? Look around, connect the dots, and ask the questions. Well, it's no coincidence special interest politics over science, and ignorance in-charge has bled through society to the brink of ...self empowering change. 


You are meant to live well to 130 years old and beyond. Other monks high in the mountains live alot longer.  All you need is fresh air, water, food and attitude. Cancer is man-made! We don't get cancer, we grow it. You are the cure! We monitor our own health and heal ourselves. We can 'bless' our own water several ways.  We eat for longevity not for vice or comfort. We minimize our exposure to EMF. We broadcast and receive Love all day long and intend only the best for ourselves, and in-turn the universe. Everything is energy, anything is possible! 


Godly powers are already 'inside' of us to accept, heal, transform and manifest destinies, as you desire. We need more than ever to live as One, toward the common good and dispel fear and hate worldwide. Think local to global, think cellular to cosmic, think - believe ~ behave ~ become. 


Yours forever, 



The Modern Health Coach

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