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Toxic Enviro Guard

The Quantumly Computerized Holographic Information Programs (Q-CHIP) Toxic Enviro Guard is loaded with over 1,000 Tunings targeted to help energetically neutralize environmental toxins, chemicals, by products, waste and morbid matter from mattering to you and your health to not mattering as much. Q-CHIPs proudly introduces the Toxic Enviro Guard's code set highlights:

  • nutrition, detoxification,
  • gems, stones, materials
  • inverse harmful electrical hertz,
  • certain MHz and Hz,
  • polarities, magnetics
  • immune and lymph systems
  • cellular functions
  • DNA, ATP, cancer
  • allergens, fevers, infections
  • heavy metals
  • nuclear radiation
  • industrial by products,
  • hazardous wastes
  • pesticides, insecticides,
  • chemical poisonings, drugs
  • bites, pests

If say benzene is the frequency of say 235 hertz, then if we apply the energetic essence in a Q-CHIP loaded with NEGATIVE 235 Hertz then you in theory (and practice) render the compound chemically inert.  So if you energetically neutralize and zero any piece of matter out by applying the inverse frequency to the toxic harmful materials, then the better off you will be in the long run against our toxic environment.

For best results wear your Q-CHIPs on your person throughout the day and place them under your drinks and food for a few minutes before consuming.



Modern Health Coach LLC makes no claims as to the effects of these energy holograms.  Energy Holograms are scientific experimental devices and sold for informational purposes only.

Toxic Enviro Guard

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$61.60Sale Price
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