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Top 10 Custom Combo Pack

Pick any 10 Q-CHIPs (Quantumaly Computerized Holographic Information Programs) and we will send them to you (FREE  Shipping) all in one potent and diverse Q-CHIP card!  Your Custom Combo 10 Pack Q-CHIP comes in a protective pouch and attached to a black (washable cloth) neck lanyard so you will never lose your quantum card around your neck, and maybe even get "backstage" faster (to improving your health) with your Q-CHIP 10 pack around your neck and under your consumables all day long ;)


Wearing and using your very own Q-CHIP 10 Pack card should yield you your best results, ease of use, and security.  Make sure to note in your Order notes online at checkout "what 10 Q-CHIPs you want on the card"?  MHC will place 10 holograms (code sets) all onto one convenient wallet card and note them to you in writing.  You just wear the quantum card on your person all day and use it as a coaster to charge all of your drinks and food for a few minutes before consuming for best results.


You can customize your quantum energy card for maximum personal touch for YOU as your subtle information field coalesces with the technology over time for the better.  All this digital homeopathy in one handy dandy wallet card.  No need to have a stack of 10 Q-CHIP wallet cards to place in your pocket, instead have all 10 Q-CHIPs conveniently on one card you won't lose and is customizable for best results just for you.



Modern Health Coach LLC makes no claims as to the effects of these energy holograms.  Energy Holograms are scientific experimental devices and sold for informational purposes only.

Top 10 Custom Combo Pack

$555.00 Regular Price
$388.50Sale Price
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