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Sweet Dreamz
The Quantumly Computerized Holographic Information Programs (Q-CHIP) Sweet Dream zzz... is infused with nearly 400 tunings to help bring about a deeper and more restful and recuperative sleep, with potentially more impactful dreams.  This Q-CHIP Sweet Dream zzz... card has very low frequency information that may stimulate the opening of your Pineal gland, located in the center of your brain. Stimulating the pineal gland with the low frequency has shown to release melatonin and help you FALL ASLEEP zzzzzzzzzzzzz.   The pineal is the gateway center from your brain to the ethers and heavens, sweet dreams ;)  
DO NOT wear during the day.  DO NOT wear while driving, or place in your driving area.  MHC places his in his pillow case at night, or more for more charge his evening water as well.
Set this card under your pillow, or next to your bed and or drink evening water charged with the card. The low frequency information may induce a non-linear energy field around you that informs the field to rest and help your body to fall asleep deeper.  More vivid dreams have been reported.
Feel the subtle energy shift happen.  Sweet Dream zzz... helps you to fall asleep faster and deeper to have you ready for the next big awesome day of your LIFE! ...

Sweet Dreamz

$77.00 Regular Price
$53.90Sale Price
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