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Digestive Metabolizer

The Quantumly Computerized Holographic Information Programs (Q-CHIP) Digestive Metabolizer is loaded with nearly 1,400 frequencies to help assist your digestive system in converting food into energy, instead of fat.  This hologram contains frequency codes to help assist your digestion in breaking down and metabolizing nutrients more efficiently and eliminating waste and toxins.  This may help increase metabolism in some users potentially helping one to slim down for better health.


They say, "death begins in the colon."  So, make sure to keep your 29 foot long digestive tract clean please, use good eating habits and the Digestive Metabolizer in your pocket and under your food and beverages.


This is an assistant not a magic bullet.  You still need to keep up your regimen of exercise and whole plant based foods, soaked seeds and nuts, cultured and sprouted veggies, good fats, salt and pure water, breathe deep sweat, rebound and look up.  Life is what you make it, make it your way.


For best results wear your Q-CHIPs on your person throughout the day and place them under your drinks and food for a few minutes before consuming.




Modern Health Coach LLC makes no claims as to the effects of these energy holograms.  Energy Holograms are scientific experimental devices and sold for informational purposes only.

Digestive Metabolizer

$88.00 Regular Price
$61.60Sale Price
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