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Pain Tamer

The Quantumly Computerized Holographic Information Programs (Q-CHIP) Pain Tamer is loaded with over 2,000 Tunings intended to reduce several common body aches and pains while helping to increase bodily function on the physical level.


Some of the focused tunings on the Pain Tamer Q-CHIP include the following:


  • aimed locally at bodily anatomy parts (head, neck, feeet, knees, back, etc),
  • bone, muscle, nerves and connective tissue,
  • rheumatism,arthritis,
  • inflammation,
  • organ health
  • sports injuries, hernias
  • sciatica, subluxsations,
  • microbial induced pain issues,
  • mental and digestion codes,
  • neuralgia,
  • pain killers


The Pain Tamer can help one to manage pain, inflammation and physcial discomfort.   Thereby helping one to be able to overcome the root of the problem and not just addressing symptoms.


For best results wear your Q-CHIPs on your person throughout the day and place them under your drinks and food for a few minutes before consuming.



Modern Health Coach LLC makes no claims as to the effects of these energy holograms.  Energy Holograms are scientific experimental devices and sold for informational purposes only.

Pain Tamer

$111.00 Regular Price
$77.70Sale Price
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