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Some of MHC's favorite books for your reference and recommended further reading for more health enhancement information: 
  • Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing - P. Bach
  • Prescriptions for Herbal Healing - P. Bach
  • Eat Right for Your Blood Type - C. Whitney
  • The Doctors Book of  Food Remedies - S. Yeager 
  • The pH Miracle - D.R. R.  Young
  • Fat for Fuel -  DR. J. Mercola
  • Body Ecology Diet - D. Gates
  • Life Food - DR. D. Jubb 
  • Power Versus Force - PhD. D. Hawkins
  • Touch for Health A Practical Guide to Natural Health with Acupressure Touch Kinesiology - John Thei
  • Energy Medicine - D. Eden
  • The Heart Math Solution - C. Childre & H. Martin
  • Celestine Prophecy - J. Redfield
  • Becoming Super Human - DR. Josepht Dispenza
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