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QUANTUM pendants

Wear the best selling sacred flower energy pendant featured below and flaunt the power of the flower.  MHC's impressive line of functional Quantum Energy Pendants has helped hundreds of people balance their energy field by harmonizing and or attracting (non-linear) "Universal" Energy.  This Universal Energy has been called: ethers, zero point energy, dark matter, energetic matrix, orgone, Christ consciousness, chi, prana, etc. Attract it passively, while super styling with MHC's line of Energy Pendants that works better than it looks!  Muscle tests demonstrate and validate this phenomenon.

SPECIAL: Order any Titanium Pendant below and receive a Free Q-CHIP Quantum Hologram (up to a $111 value). Order any Gold Pendant below and receive a FREE Master Organ Maestro Q-CHIP ($188 value).   Just write what Q-CHIP you want at Checkout in the Note Section.  MHC will place Q-CHIP of your choice for the back of your pendant for extra health code enhancements at no extra charge!  Browse Q-CHIP selection just click HERE

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