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~~Crud, Crystals and Stones in your Body - Remove Them DIY Style or Suffer "Sick Care" Syndrome


In last months' newsletter I gave and overview on all the thousands of toxins that are laced in our environment, and your multiple exposure routes from air, water, soils and food.  Well in this newsletter I want to give you some recourse from all the bad news on our toxified earth.  It is Spring time and time of renewal so lets learn how our body breaks down from being overloaded by being alive today.

 So it is STEP ONE to reducing your toxic burden by not ingesting more chemicals daily, by investing in air filters, water distillers/filters, buying organic food, dowsing for geopathic stress, buying non-toxic building materials, repairing moldy water leaks, using non-toxic hygiene products, and maintaining a positive attitude.

 Once you get those toxic buffers in check in your life you are ready for STEP TWO a good aggressive DETOX protocol with targeted organ detox strategies.  In today's world detoxing is not a luxury but a necessity! Infants are born with over 200 toxins in their blood before their first breath.   How many toxins are wrecking your biological processes? Answer is too many, guaranteed!

 Spring and Fall are the best times for an aggressive detox and organ cleanse protocol as the temperatures are mild and optimal for your body to focus energy not on heating or cooling but removing crud, crystals and stones from your organs. Getting the detox all the way down to cellular hygiene is the name of the game.  You want to replicate or regenrate more cells than die every seconds. 50 million cells every second are replaced every second by your body, sounds amazing and it is you are a regenerating machine as long as you get the crap out of the way and provide nutrients to rebuild.

 So let's get into spring cleanse, fasting and organ cleanse ideas on how to remove those toxins so your body does not bog down by toxification of crud, crystals and stones that accumulate for various reasons outlined below. The crud, crystals and stones end up accumulating in your, joints, fat, blood and lymph, small and large intestines, liver, gall bladder, kidneys and pancreas.

 Crud, sludge and poopy plaque are non scientific names for undigested food or inorganic minerals, bound chemicals, or foreign micro-debris that accumulates and gets impacted (fecal matter) along your (small and large) intestine walls mainly.  When your intestines harbor crud like material on their walls, this gives places for pathogens (bacteria, worms, etc) to set up shop inside you, further you cannot absorb the nutrients from the linings of your intestines when the crud is in the way.  So you end up getting undernourished due to poor nutrient absorption, and holding morbid matters attracts bad bugs and does not do well for your energy levels to say the least. "Straighten up your room and take out the trash".

 When you are detoxing on a fast and or cleanse this crud is the first culprit to be removed from your body, the bulk matter.  When you are not eating heavy foods and on smoothies, salads soups, blended greens, juices  and plenty of good water your body has time and energy to clean house and take out the trash, starting with the crud impacted on your intestine walls.  Need I say, the "Dukey" John Wayne had 55 pounds of undigested fecal matter on his colon walls, and Elvis the "King" had 35 pounds, upon autopsy. That is some heavy shit, that will bring you down!

 There are several types of crystals, and they are formed from metabolic acidic waste by-products.  The crystals over time accumulate in your arteries (poor circulation), joints (arthritis), fat cells (cellulite), liver, gallbladder (removal #1 surgery), kidneys (painful) and even your pancreas (deadly).  Crystals are formed from too much protein, oxalates in raw spinach and kale, uric acid from poultry, phytic acids in grains and beans, and in general from over acidification/toxcification from the wrong food and beverage consumption 3-4 times a day over time.  These crystals come in many nasty colors, do not show up on X-Rays, and are easily passable when cleansing (if done right).

 Problem is after your body has tried to store crystals away from your vital organs in your joints and fat cells.  Then the acid crystals end up in your organs.  Where they accumulate for years and decades and cannot be eliminated, they calcify and harden into stones in your liver, gallbladder and kidneys.  Stones as they calcify and harden do show up on X-rays and are painful to pass form your kidneys (especially for guys).  Stones passing from you liver and gallbladder if done right are not painful to pass from your backside.

 Crystals and stones grind your organs to a halt over time and cause life threatening problems.  They must be removed and can be done naturally if committed to organ flushes over the seasons.  You don't want to be stoned to death from the inside it is a slow death my friends, hence this newsletter.  I have seen hundreds of these exit my body and I can tell you it is a RUSH of VITALTIY once they leave your body.  It does take work to make them leave like that though so gear up your mind to get the job done right.

 So let's get to the good news STEP THREE... you can do something about it all the "incurable diseases"... with aggressive detox measures that target your organs to remove the crud crystals and stone culprits and provide instant and lasting relief once removed.   You must make lifestyle changes and do spring and fall cleanses in a specific order with a whole protocol I cannot go into in detail in this newsletter.  I will lay out these freebies your benefit.

 So starting bass ackwards with your colon, it is time to pull the cork and drain the tox-sick swamp.  My favorite DIY is a salt water flush in the mornings, then diatomaceous earth with warm lemon water, then several enzymes tablets away from meals, eating lightly, then two hours after dinner having psylium husk with zeolite clay, followed by probiotics at night before bed.  Drink at least 1/2 ounce to 1 pound of body weight or over 1 to 1 on hot days or if you sweat (you should).  Do that for a week or two to remove the crud and plaque sufficiently for the next phase.

 Now while a week into your colon work, you can start into kidney cleanse with a boiled parsley, gravel root, marshmallow root, hydrangea root  tea blend you make and refrigerate and sip over two weeks.  This will really help break up any kidney stones and crystals.  Let's not forget shooting apple cider vinegar tablespoon before each meal, or as often as you like.  ACV busts those crystals and melts those stones up as well as other detox benefits.  Try using a raw unfiltered ACV i use Bragg brand.

 Then after your 2 weeks of colon work overlapping with kidney you can start into your gallbladder and liver flushes.  There are two main ways to do this, with coffee enemas (with an 18 inch catheter is more effective), liver gallbladder flushes with olive oil and citrus and Epsom salts beforehand.  If you can alternate coffee enemas one day and liver gallbladder flushes the next this is ideal for a week about.  You can Google up Dr. David Jubb's or Hulda Clark's protocols on the liver flushes.  Coffee enemas have been around since World War 1 with Gerson Therapy curing more than cancer.

 I don't use that C(ure) word lightly in today's sick establishment Gestapo's wanting you on the "blue pill" for life.  Their are other parts to targeted organ cleanses and flushes like lymph, blood, lungs and skin but if you follow these those will take care of themselves in my opinion.  One thing at a time the above is plenty of work and well "worth it."  Its your life and your choice this should spell it out for you to be your own best practitioner and get busy spring cleaning.

 I don't care what your symptoms are if you go through these protocols to the best of your ability (educate and push yourself) you will see major results, down to the whites of your eyes being snow white.  Imagine the benefit on the inside of your body, clear mind and enlivened soul, you will be in control of your health for a fraction of the cost with this DIY targeted health blitz.  It was fun putting toxins in your body over weekends and decades now time for the dirty work, getting them out.

 There is lots more to say (and do) about this protocol if you are serious in undertaking this, and I highly recommend you do.  There are lots of foods and supplements that assist this process at each step, that I did NOT mention here.  Please do your homework and know what you are doing as you can hurt yourself if not followed properly. I speak from experience, learn from me or others first

 I would be happy to guide you through this process step by step and set your body to reboot (ctrl+alt+dlt) and come alive again, not encumbered by modern man's woes of toxic OVERLOAD.  Don't think "your good" and do not need to do the above sometime in your life. Especially if you are in your 30s or older, and never done these type of targeted detox strategies before, trust me you need to and will be glad you did ... once your done ;).  Please seek out experienced advice and consultation before beginning the above mentioned so you get the most benefit and least potential harm when removing decades of crud crystals an stones.  Contact me at mail or if you are ready to start a program like the above one just order HERE and I will knock off $38 (After checkout) because it is that important and for being keen and reading this newsletter.

 Be well,
 B-Rad,  Your Modern Health Coach


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