Dynamic Benefits of Sea Salt over Table Salt

Sounds far fetched but not to healers over thousands of years in many cultures and not to new research that is pointing to water and salt as a cure or preventive for many health problems. 

Killer salt

If you would have told healers for thousands of years in many different cultures that salt (sodium) is a health hazard, you would have been laughed at.

In desert cultures, one would drink salt water to assure survival in inhospitable conditions.

Turns out the traditional healers were right all along.

But that doesn't mean that modern medicine is wrong. At least not entirely.

The salt that many of us overuse is a health hazard. A great many snack foods are loaded with cheap table salt. Making the problem worse, 80% of us don't drink enough water to flush excess salt out of our systems. Finally, most of the salt consumed is processed robbing it of vital nutrients.

Our diet contains 12 - 15 grams of salt. We should only be consuming 3 - 5 grams. Foods in the form nature offers are low in salt containing just enough to keep us healthy. Also the salt in foods is natural and healthier for us than common table salt.

So the salt that we overuse probably does lead to health problems.

But using natural sea salt, assuring you drink enough water and cutting back on salty junk foods allows us to use salt as a healthy ingredient and even medicinally.

Not sea water

Please note - when we suggest you drink salt water we do not mean seawater. While drinking a little seawater is harmless, drinking more will cause diarrhea and dehydrate you.

Death results from not having enough salt

Salt or sodium is an absolutely vital element for humans. In fact, not having enough salt in our system can lead to rapid death even if young and healthy. Click here to learn about how to drink salt water to save your life during intense exercise.

Importance of salt

Want to know how important something is to us, look around and see how much of it our blue marble contains.

Air? Obviously. Water? Of course. Most of the earth is covered by water. Salt? It's in most of the water on earth and in rocks and mountains. It's everywhere.

Salt is mostly found in our blood and the fluid surrounding our cells.

In our body, salt helps to manage the water level and direct it. It's like the captain of the our water system.

And like water, it's effects are systemic. It effects all parts of our body and all systems and functions in our body.

That's why this humble looking element may determine whether we are healthy or sick, live or die.

Miracles of sea salt

Put a little in a bland dish and voila, delicious. Sprinkle some on ice and the ice melts. We take it for granted but salt is really a miracle substance.

Losing too much salt will lead to dehydration. Drinking more water for this dehydration without adding a little salt will be useless because there is not sufficient salt to hold it.

Now, without further ado, here is a list of the health benefits of sea salt, basically adapted from Dr. Batmanghelidj's excellent writings. 1)Relieves acute asthma. Drink 2 glasses of water then put a pinch of salt on the tongue. Some asthmatics have done well consuming a tsp of salt daily spread out over the entire day and put in the 2 - 3 quarts of water.

2)Pulls excess acidity from inside cells, especially brain cells, creating an environment that invites health.

3)Health benefits of sea salt include maintaining emotional health, relieving stress and depression. It boosts levels of serotonin and melatonin, important mood regulators. Note that Lithium, used to treat manic depression, is a salt derivative.Click here to go to page on how a drink of salt water may do what Lithium does, without the side effects.

4)Drink salt water to prevent and treat cancers. When the body is hydrated, salt expands the blood helping it reach all parts of the body. Blood can then reachinfections and cancers and destroy them.

5)Maintains muscle tone. Drink salt water to "plump up" muscle cells. Drink salt water to help you build muscle. Also prevents muscle cramping as anyone who has witnessed or played vigorous sports can attest to.

6)Drink salt water to help stabilize blood pressure. Surprising ri