25 Wellness and Anti-Cancer Protocols

1 - You are the CURE! The body heals the body! No pharmaceutical pills, surgery or chemo therapy will never heal you fully. It will delay symptoms and mask them and cause others symptoms.  Instead get alkaline, get oxygenated and increase your cellular voltage and NO disease can exist inside your body! It is not the seed it is the soil, so meaning if your interior bio terrain (soil) is alkaline and oxygenated then no matter what seed (virus, bacteria, mold) can NOT germinate and proliferate inside you. You need the right plans and tools for the big job at hand. now let's get with the program...

2 - Cancer can NOT survive in an alkaline and oxygenated body. Otto Wohlberg won a Nobel peace prize in 1931. See link: http://www.glennsiesser.com/2012/12/why-cancer-and-diseases-cant-survive-in-an-alkaline-body-by-nobel-peace-prize-winner/  MHC was a lifeguard at a country club pool for 3 years and our primary job was to keep the pool water pH above 7 (on 1-14 pH scale). We dumped baking soda in the pool water to keep pH above 7 and the water was clear, microbe free and safe for swimming. Once the pool water pH went below 7 the water would turn yellow and bloom up with bacteria and microbes. Humans are two thirds water! Same principle applies to pH in you as the pool water.

3 - 85% of all illness and disease has an emotional component to it. Use EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques to tap it out. Takes 5 minutes a day to do, is easy, takes your fingers and your mind, and it's FREE. Go to You Tube and search for "Brad Yates" and aim the EFT at the root of your emotional trauma. Clear that trauma and don't regurgitate your "victim" role. E-motion is energy in motion, don't hold onto it and let it go. Chi come chi go, don't let unhealthy emotions brew in your body and devastate your health, because it will if left inside.

4 - Minerals - EVERY DISEASE is traced back to a mineral shortage! Linus Paling won a Nobel Peace Prize for proving this.  The soil does not have the minerals anymore due to poor farming practices and chemical fertilizers. Ormus minerals are best for you, then fulvic and humic minerals, then organic and lastly inorganic are least absorbed. Magnesium is involved in over 300 chemical processes, sulfur is involved in over 150 chemical processes. Get a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) and see where you stand with these fundamental universal elemental building blocks of LIFE. There are 83 trace minerals plus, a dozen major minerals and all need balance and appropriate levels and forms for optimal health.

5 - Detox, detox and more detox, and lower your toxic burden. Babies are born with over 200 chemicals in their blood before they take their first breathe. The food, water, air, household cleaners, toothpastes, shampoos, clothes and even building materials are all tainted and loaded with chemicals. Get a shower filter, get an air filter, don't use any chemical air scented products like Glade plug-ins, wash new clothes before wearing them. The planet is toxic, sick and out of balance and we are products of our environment, detoxing is not a luxury it is a lifestyle lived daily. Try zeolite clay, Diatomaceous Earth, psylium husk fiber with loads of water.

6 - Reduce your EMF Radiation exposure from cell phones, computers, and Wi-Fi. Don't eat anything from a microwave oven, throw it away. The megahertz that comes off of these devices does NOT jive with your low frequency band width, makes your 75 trillion cell walls leak, stressed, and can cause tumors or worse.

7 - Don't watch TV, scary movies, and negative information and especially the news, it is fear mongering which is funded by drug and energy companies that don't want you well and happy. Watch uplifting and informational videos or read a good book. Do NOT "stay tuned to your TV regularly scheduled PROGRAMMING."

8 - Check your house for mold with a visual, olfactory and possible air sampling.  If you ever had or know of a water leak from plumbing, roof, windows or basement then check for mold. Even new buildings can take on water before they are sealed up making a breeding ground for mold with water and any organic material as a substrate to grow on and cause you serious health problems. So be smart. The curse of ancient egyptian king Tutenkamen was stachybotry black mold.

9 - Bounce on mini rebounder (Needak or Air-Rebound brands) for 20 minutes a day, sweat in a sauna for 25-35 minutes every other day, hang upside down 10 times (choose your angle) on an inversion table for 10 minutes a day (up 20 seconds and down 30-50 seconds), and rub your lymph nodule areas for 30 seconds each area a few times a day. Rub more where it is sore. Lymph nodes are around your sternum, between your ribs, under your rib cage, along your inner and outer thighs, and along your entire back spine on either side of your vertebrae.

10 - Sit down for eating your 3 meals at regular times, relax, say a blessing to you and your food before you consume the best plants on the planet for you. Eat the most nutrient dense plants on the planet in salads, sauerkrauts, sprouts and powdered drinks. Have blended and juiced drinks daily. Minimize bulky foods in favor of more easily assimilateable nutrients. Always soak your nuts and seeds for at least 12 hours. Eat a "rainbow rotation" diet!

11 - Chew well and salivate all over your food before swallowing, because your stomach does not have teeth, and you want to maximize absorption, and you don't want food to get stuck in your 29 feet of switchback "S" shaped tubes from your mouth to your butt, cause intestinal decay and poop plaque which attracts microbes you don't want in you.

12 - Clean and cleanse your vital organs in this order parasite, kidney, colon, liver, gallbladder, blood and lung. Google up protocols or ask MHC. You know which ones you need most cleansing if not all of them and each organ cleanse could take weeks to perform thoroughly, organ cleanses can overlap some in timing.

13 - Drink +/- 2/3rds of your body weight in pounds, in ounces of water per day. Drink distilled, Atmospheric, Reverse Osmosis, filtered or tested natural spring water. Monitor the pH to make slightly alkaline and watch for calcium residue build up on your pitcher. Charge your water vessel over night with north side of magnets, cleansed cr