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I Am Sick of Seeing Free Flu Shot Signs! Get a Real Grip on Your Own Health Before It Slips Away...

I don't know about you but every grocery store, drug store and major institution it seems is pushing more and more of these "Flu Shots," especially in the fall and winter. Have you noticed an alarming rise of direct marketing from drug companies to consumers like me and you. Ask your doctor which drugs are good for you? Answer: None. So the series of vaccines at birth didn't work? So how would the flu shots work in keeping you healthy?

People of this sweet land, are you kidding me? I hope you or anyone you know will never get a flu shot! In my humble and self educated opinion, vaccines do NOT work in keeping you healthy and disease free. Don't tell me, you are giving away your control to the mass systematic immune suppressing, dumbing down, sterilizing, computer chipping, mother of a eugenics program called vaccines and flu shots.

Even Dr. Jonas Sulk who invented the polio vaccine, curiously did not patent the polio vaccine. Further, in a 1977 federal court he testified along with other scientists that "mass inoculation against polio was the cause of most polio cases throughout the USA since 1961."

In other words, it is not the seed it is the soil that determines your health. You see the "seed" is the microbe or pathogen and the "soil" is your interior bio-terrain. If your "Soil" (tissues, plasma and blood) are alkaline, mineralized and oxygenated NO seed will ever be able to germinate and take hold and set up shop in your system and bring your health down and show up as various symptoms. However almost all of the population is acidic and anaerobic (lacking oxygen) which is a breeding ground for microbes and pathogens. Otto Warburg won a Nobel peace prize 1931 for saying cancer can not survive in a alkaline oxygenated body. Think about that and apply it in your daily life.

Instead of ingesting small amounts of poison laced in your vaccines and flu shots, why not try taking (on a regular basis) nutrients that boost your immune system and fight microbes and pathogens like Vitamin C, Silver, Zinc, and Oxygen to name a few critical health boosters. Since when did getting inoculated with a litany of lethal compounds in small doses become the main stream and ok?

Microbes and pathogens can transmute into another (pleomorphism) mutate a lot faster than biotech companies can patent new "cures" for illnesses and infections. You think these flu shots are tested over long time periods on (consenting) humans? You think these big pharma bio tech publically traded (bound to increase profits for share holders) companies give a hoot about your long term health? In their greedy eyes you are an end consumer who needs to be told what to do and lied to about it all to sell you (out). The "dirty laundry" list of ingredients in vaccines and flu shots is a disgrace to humanity and several articles and scientific papers have been written as to the lethality of the industrial by products and short sighted lab concoction ingredients in these one shot wonders.

Your best bet my friends is to self educate and strengthen your mind, body and spirit with age old remedies and common sense, and please do your own research and consider the source of information and follow the money. There you will find your answers. It is more to take the holistic high road but well worth it to take control of your own health and exceed in life rather than just "hanging in their" with outdated conventional methods Bolster your health by finding peace, living in love not fear, reducing stress, eating organic, stay away from grains, use your muscles, sweat and drink pure water and laugh a lot. Incorporate these wellness aspects into your lifestyle (it is not too late) before the greedy evil corporations trick you, into thinking a shot of basically pharmaceutical and industrial garbage by products (in a needle with obese false marketing) is going to keep you truly healthy.

You are your best primary care health provider ever, when informed properly. No one else is going to do a better job of taking care of you and your health than YOU. Day in day out what you think, say, eat , breathe and drink and do is going to add up to the picture of health you envision for your highest self. "You first" motto is ok when it comes to your health and wellness is not selfish in today's out of balance sick world. Be the cure, heal yourself by identifying the problems and treating the root cause with holistic "shock and awe" approach. Lesson one, is it is NOT a deficiency in flu shots or vaccines that makes you well.

Looking to take hold of your health? Save yourself time and do it right from the get-go with the Modern Health Coach! Go to today and contact coach B-rad at

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