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27 Aspects of Daily Health

What goes into a truly healthy and vibrant person. Well, there are 27 contributing factors to varying degrees listed here, that all play a part in how yu feel. Certain ones will jump out at you, and focus on those to begin identifying bbad thought patterns . Then change the program and recognize when you slip back from these 27 Aspects of health..

Bedclothes, Sheets, and Blankets:  Is your energy being drained while you’re sleeping?

Books and Magazines:  Did you know that reading certain things can actually cause your brain to become disorganized, so that you have a harder time thinking?

Business Plans and Strategies:  If your body-mind-spirit complex is weak to it, do you think it has any hope of succeeding?

Cell Phones and Electronics:  We’ve all heard rumors that certain electromagnetic fields are bad for you.  Well assume it true your cell phone, microwave, radio, television, and computer are harming you

Chemicals:  Is it the planetary, industrial, work and household products that are contributing to your headaches or skin rash?

Clothing and Accessories:  Did you know that wearing the wrong thing can actually cause or aggravate painful symptoms?

Clutter:  Is that big pile of unfinished stuff contributing to your stress load?

Decision Making:  Do you sometimes choose to do something that you know shouldn’t, but you just “can’t help yourself?”

Drugs and Alcohol: Are drugs or alcohol standing in your way to optimal well-being?

Emotional Issues: Are certain emotional states wreaking havoc in your life?

Ergonomics:  Is your furniture contributing to your discomfort?

Feelings:  Which feelings are actually causing you to have more bad feelings?

Financial Abundance: Do you have trouble with money or other financial issues?   How do you know where to start?

Friends and Family:  Are you spending time with the wrong people?

Foods and Beverages : Are you having trouble figuring out what to eat or not eat?  How do you know if you have food intolerances?

Food Cravings:  Are you craving things that you know aren’t good for you?

Fumes:  Want to really know if exercising around those gas, oil, and car exhaust emissions are bad for you?

Goals and Plans:  Does your body and spirit agree with what your mind has come up with?

Health and Fitness:  How do you know what exercise program your body wants to start with? 

House and Home:  Is just thinking about your house making you more tired?

Job:  Is your job sucking the life out of you just by thinking about it?

Lighting:  Are your lights causing your brain to work less efficiently?

Mental Clarity:  Do you feel “fuzzy-headed”, like your brain just isn’t working?

Money:  Are your muscles getting weaker just thinking about money?

Music:  Did you know that certain music, even if you love it, could be having a negative, draining effect on your life?

Nutritional Supplements, Vitamins, and Herbs:  Every day there is more information about the latest and greatest supplement.  How do you know what to take? Trust your gut.

Parents:  How do you know what’s best for your child?

Pictures and Artwork:  Are the things you look at every day supporting or not supporting what you want for your life?

Priorities:  You’ve got way too many things to do, and don’t know where to start.  What do you eliminate?

Relationships: Could the relationships in your life use some improvement?

Shoes:  Are those old comfortable shoes (or new ones you are about to buy) bad for you?

Sleep and Energy: Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Do you experience lethargy and low energy during the day?

Stress: Is your blood pressure higher than you would like? Do you constantly feel pressured or under the gun?

Television, Videos, and DVD’s:  Which things that you are watching are having a negative effect on you for up to 30 minutes after you cease watching them?

Thoughts:  Which thoughts you are having are actually decreasing the flow of energy through your acupuncture meridians?

Toiletries:  Is your soap, deodorant, lotion, hair products, etc. part of what’s giving you that bad reaction?

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