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5 Foods for Kidney Health

Kidney health is strongly correlated with longevity, since we are two thirds water and kidneys are our water filters. You can see the importance of using foods to cleanse yourself and specifically your precious kidneys. Especially with today's eroding water from the tap and over-hyped water filters. Toxins get in through the water are filtered by your kidneys. The material does not just move by itself, it becomes lodged in the kidneys and impairs function. Toxins over time accumulate.. What are you going to do about it?

Below are our top five choices for the best kidney-health-supporting foods…

1. Apple cider vinegar: You may already know that the acid found in apple cider vinegar aids in digestion, but it turns out it also helps to cleanse your kidneys so they stay in shape too. Drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar after meals for the best results.

2. Baking soda: Your kidneys are strongly affected by your pH levels. High pH levels can lead to painful kidney stones. And for those with kidney problems, chronically acidic pH can increase your risk of kidney failure. Baking soda can help keep your pH levels balanced, so your kidneys don’t have to work so hard, and so they can fight off kidney stones. Drink a glass of water, with a teaspoon of baking soda, three times a week.

3. Basil: Delicious basil can help keep your kidneys firing on all cylinders, while working to prevent the buildup of kidney stones. Add the herb to your favorite dishes, or make a simple tea by boiling 5 basil leaves. Add a teaspoon of honey if you like.

4. Ginger: From stir fries to stews, and from cookies to casseroles, ginger adds the perfect zip of flavor to your favorite foods. But it turns out that’s not all ginger can do. This delicious spice can also help keep your kidneys in shape! Ginger naturally controls inflammation while cleansing your kidneys, helping to keep them strong and healthy.

5. Olive oil and lemon: This surprising combo is the perfect tag team for maintaining healthy kidneys. Olive oil is another natural anti-inflammatory. Packed with healthy fats, olive oil naturally nourishes your kidneys and may even help you pass small stones before they become a big problem. Meanwhile, the lemon works to raise the citrate levels in your urine, which can help keep kidney stones from forming in the first place.   A tablespoon of olive oil combined with a few drops of fresh lemon juice daily is all it takes. Take it alone, or grab some greens and use the combo as a delicious fresh salad dressing.

Keeping yourself healthy will naturally help keep your kidneys healthy too. But kick your kidney health routine up to the next level by adding these five foods to your daily regime to protect these vital organs for years to come. For a deeper clean check out a kidney cleanse with parsley, marshmallow and gravel roots in a tea with some other herbs like cats claw, uva ursi. Kidneys can form painful stones from calcification via oxalates from spinach and some vegetables. So more food for thought in next blog...

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