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Vanilla Dream Superfood Protein from B-Rad & Joya's Superfood Formulas

Try our new B-Rad & Joya's Super Food Formula's Vanilla Dream Protein! Sprouted Brown Rice and Hemp based with 12 Superfoods & no BS! 18g of protein and 5 Fiber for $2.57 per serving. Good luck getting more nutrients, with better taste, at less cost, and more convienent.  Ain't gonna happen and your body is going to suffer.  Get with this program, click on the clink below and order up some LIFE in a bag.

Tastes even better with our Vitalty Super Greens and Long-Jevi-Tea! Try the Vanilla Protein with our Tea for great taste and loaded with nutrition.  Serve cold or room temperature.  Goes even better with any milk, cow or nut.  Drink to your health, taste, convenience and cost!

Check out the ingredients and buying options here

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