Energy Holograms

MHC is proud to feature: Q-CHIPS (Quantum Computer Holographic Information Program Software).  Q-CHIPS are a form of "digital homeopathy" which utilizes informational code sets embedded into the hologram "Chip" to help amplify frequencies/information you want and help negate frequencies/information you don't want in your bio-field(s).  All matter is surrounded by  a field of information, that is magically influential with this technology present.

Simply wear on person all day and place under all your water and food for a few minutes.  A good qualitative test (double blind placebo experiment) to validate the technology is performed by placing Q-CHIPs under a flavored drink (wine, lemon, fruit juice) and not the other sample (separate by 3 feet and hide from sampler) then wait a few minutes and taste both samples.  Experience what All the buZZZ is about! 
If the Q-CHIP can change flavors/texture of drinks, imagine what it could do on your body over time?


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