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18K GOLD SACRED FLOWER Pendant (Alternating)

18K Genuine Gold  

3-Star Quantum Pendant



The Enhanced Function Quantum Pendant utilizes specialized quantum physics, sacred geometry, grounding frequencies and informational technologies to help synergize the power of the human body's bio-energy system toward optimum performance. The pendants "work" as good as they look!


The Quantum Pendant acts like an "antenna to the human biofield" helping reduce electrical impediments (from stress, cell phones, computers, lights, etc.) and making your body test strong and clear. The Quantum Pendant also helps most to instantly increase the connectivity, flow and communication of your bio-energy systems!


  • 18K Genuine GOLD Medium thick plating over Titanium Pendant
  • Extremely light material
  • Brushed metal appearance
  • Pristine high frequencies
  • Free serpentine GOLD Plated chain
  • Alternating crystal and gemstones with gemstone center
  • Charged with sound and light frequencies. 


Please read Reviews and watch Videos in my Video and Review Information sections of muscle test demonstrations with and without the energy pendant...feeling is believing!  You try and feel for yourself.......


18K GOLD SACRED FLOWER Pendant (Alternating)

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