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The Diet Download, Part 2: Strategic Life Enhancing Food Principles

Eat a Rainbow Rotation diet, that consists of lots of colors of the rainbow.  Don't eat the same thing every day for years, go seasonal. Variety is the spice of life! You should have a diet of various raw organic plants all from trusted (hopefully local) sources.

Consume foods as close to their natural state as possible.  Avoid man-made chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, simple sugars, and GMO foods. Know the source!

Eat 70% alkaline foods that are at or above 7 on the pH scale (0-14). Think of pH as Horse Power; the more pH, the more power (energy) you have to operate at full capacity. The pH of your food affects your voltage; more pH = more voltage = more energy and vitality in YOU! You convert food into voltage to operate your 75 Trillion cells.  Eat a big raw salad and notice the energy afterward, compared to a burger and fries, no contest. Green machine!

Eat >51% of each meal raw! That will ensure you have enough digestive enzymes to assimilate your 49% heated or processed meal.

Eat soaked, sprouted, and fermented foods. Soak your seeds and nuts for 12+ hours. Eat lots of probiotic rich living foods like sauerkraut, Kimchi, Black garlic, Natto, Miso, Kefir, Lassi and Tempeh. Learn to make your own fermented foods, its easy, yummy and incredibly nutritious!

Peak small intestine time is at 1-3 pm in the afternoon. So perfect timing to eat your crisp and juicy green bowl O salad, with homemade dressing (Braggs ACV & liquid aminos, olive oil, Udo’s oil) fresh from your salad spinner. No siesta on this hi-vibe protocol....zzzz.... :)

As a general food timing guideline: Eat foods that grow high in the trees in the morning time; foods that grow mid and low level in the daytime; and foods that grow in the ground in the evening. Fruits for energy in morning. Nutritious salad for lunch. Starches like yams are good for sleeping.

Look up a Food Combining Chart, and know that simpler is better. Avoid combining a protein and a complex carbohydrate, or anything with melons Go for the fruit first (if at all), then lots of veggies, then a protein OR a carbohydrate, or neither. Google up a ‘food combining chart’ or email me for mine.

Sit down and don't get up during your meal.  You digest your food better when stationary and resting legs (your legs are energetically connected to your small and large intestines). Walk to aid digestion, after you are done, sitting peacefully and chewing thoroughly in the moment.

Chew your food thoroughly (at least 20 chews per bite), it will make you fuller on less food and you will digest your food a lot better. FYI - You have more digestive enzymes in your mouth than in your stomach.

Just before you start making sparks with your silverware...take 10 seconds and say "thank you" to your food and "I love you", and “I am grateful for your bounty.” Think you are able to use its' energy to sustain you toward life and your goals.  

You are what you eat.  This food on your plate will be You tomorrow. Bring the vibration of your food UP to Your vibration, not the other way around. You dig, hotdog?

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