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Summer Solstice Energy

The Energies of the Solstice and New Moon

Here we are in another power surge of Divine Love high vibrational shift, expanding into our Souls. Today is the New Moon, which has been accentuated by solar flares and tomorrow is the Solstice. Wow! So you may have been experiencing more shifting physically and emotionally, waking up more to Who you really are. We are expanding into astounding Awareness; gracefully letting go of what or who no longer serves us and realizing the huge potential of Who we’re becoming.

We have released so much that many feel as though they are empty. The emptiness is full of potential, so the question now is, “How do you want to create your life?” Remember, we are in a time now in which we are the creators of our lives; life doesn’t create us. In fact, life is just a mirror showing us who we are. If you like what you see, create more. If you don’t like what you see, release the old patterns and beliefs and choose to create your Soul Life.

As we look outside at the world, we may see the dysfunction; when we view ourselves within, we see the Beauty. The schism between within and the outer world is great. And yet, as we become stronger in our inner Truth, the outer world slowly begins to match it. The key here is to not give up, but to have Faith that all our work is resulting in our world becoming a perfect projection of our inner world. We truly now have the ability to see and create the New World, as we have let go of so much. And this Solstice empowers us and our Souls’ Vision ever more.

Next week, Venus will go direct again, and so while there has been a strange mix of stillness and crazy energy all happening at once, we will be propelled toward our Hearts’ Desires. This has been a month of clearing and at the same time, intending. Next week we will definitely be seeing the product of our inner work and be moving forward in Love manifest.

As we become more aware and conscious, we certainly can see what works and what doesn’t. After this week, we have the Power to empower what works, while what doesn’t work becomes less and less. At least, this is our potential. We still have choice…we can hold old life in place, even while it makes us miserable, until we’re forced to let go, or we can walk with Grace into the Light of New Life.

We are receiving, especially during this Solstice, a great Clarity about where we’re headed individually and collectively. There are more changes coming, especially over the next week, as we continue to release the old…as we let go of how we’ve learned to live and move to how we choose to live. We will be in an expanded energy of Discernment as we see where we can make changes aligned with our Soul.

More fear and anxiety may release as more Heart-knowing will increase. Along with this, Courage becomes stronger in order to change what isn’t working and replacing it with what is working; in other words, we step more into the Flow and Guidance of Soul. We may experience this as we see that the things we have always enjoyed are shifting into different areas. Pay attention to how you feel while doing certain things that you have always enjoyed. Is the Joy still there or are you left feeling empty? There definitely will be something new; more aligned with the New you that will replace it. This is especially true with habits and how you feel about certain people and activities. Joy is key here. If you do not feel Joy in your activities, it is time to shift your attention elsewhere. If you find Joy in being still, then do more of that. If you feel Joy being in Nature, do more of that. This strengthens your Soul connection, as Joy is the highest aspect of Divine Love.

We may see how much pain others are in, and perhaps in the old world, we would try and fix them. In the New, we observe and have Compassion, for we realize it is their choice and their path. We can support them in Compassion, and not be seduced by their drama. If we experience lower emotions, release them and replace with Love. Don’t dally too long in the lower energies, for it is essential that we keep our vibration as high as possible, since we are diligently creating New life borne of Love and Unity (bereft of duality).

You may feel the energies rather intensely now (they have been intense for at least a month). We’ve moved through several solar flares, along with the Venus transit and eclipse phase, and now we are about to enter an extraordinarily powerful time once we experience the Solstice energy, which propels us even further than where we’ve ever been before. We’ve released many old patterns and beliefs and, at the same time, have received new codes for Ascension, a new Blueprint (an expanded version of our original Blueprint), and a further activation of our 12-strand DNA. We’re in the final stages of a complete transformation. So feeling overwhelmed, along with feeling dizzy, sad, nauseous, headachy and other phenomena are all a part of our upgrade. Self-care is essential, along with lifestyle changes including diet and the urge for more quiet time.

Know that the solar flares accentuate our changes. They can create instability within us, which is a good thing, as it helps us let go of that which doesn’t serve us. During solar flares, Ascension physical symptoms are more noticeable, as we release density and download much high dimensional Light.

For the next few days, we may experience more intuition and see things we normally would not. Blurry vision or feeling like something in in your eye(s) tells us our inner vision is being upgraded. We are doing lots of work on ourselves and others during Dreamtime, so if you wake up feeling tired, this is why. Of course, we are also being worked on during this time of “sleep” as well.

If you fall back into old 3-D patterns like feeling lack or self-doubt or fear, spend some time in your Heart Chakra and remind yourself that these old dualistic emotions are illusions, for they are not Love. Love is Who we are. There is no fear, doubt or lack in Love. Trust that you are lovingly guided into your true essence. As you experience lower emotions, go deeper to the root cause and release it in the Sacred Rose.

We are encouraged to do Ceremony during the Solstice; this anchors the energies and aligns us with them. Since it is also the New Moon, this is a perfect time to set your intentions to what you want to create; based on the new awareness you have about yourself.

What a powerful time we’re in; we are manifesting a world based on Who we are. For the first time, we are seeing what being spiritually sovereign is all about. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” We are the second coming of the Christ.

If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!

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