Sick Planet = Sick People, Identify & Reduce Your Toxic Burden



I worked as an environmental consultant and remediation specialist for 13 years. Starting on the "front line" as a field technician, environmental scientist and on up to senior project manager for large and small firms.  I have worked onsite in over 16 states on both coasts for such clients as:  the Department of Defense (military bases), large natural gas pipeline companies, landfills, gas stations, dry cleaners, cellular communications companies, NYC subways, NYC trains (LIRR, NJ Transit), NYC Schools, NYC Housing, Ground Zero (LMDC, 1 WFC, 7 WFC, Duetche bank, in the pit, and private buildings all around Ground Zero), and plenty of unsuspecting private home and business property owners.  I have been on hundreds of site visits collecting soil, groundwater, outdoor air, indoor air samples to determine what levels are "safe" and when clean up is done.

I have seen firsthand how your environment effects peoples' health, to say the least. Before you see a doctor or health coach you should read this and reduce your exposure as much as humanly possible.  Cancer rates in the pre-industrialization times were 1 in 100, now they are more like 1 in 3 today, and going toward 1 in 2 people will "grow" cancer. New born babies are born with over 200 chemicals in their blood before their first breathe or sip of water.  Why is that?

Sick planet equals sick people! Reducing (externally and detoxing internally) your environmental exposure from the air, water, soil, food, hygiene products, building materials & geopathic stress is STEP ONE in your foundation of health and wellness.  You can NOT become truly well if any one of these factors is polluting you daily.  There are tens of thousands of untested chemicals released into our environment, around the clock and around the world.  What are you doing to mitigate your exposure routes?  Detoxing is not a luxury in today's world, it should be done daily and seasonal.

Ok so, let's roll through the realities of the elements (air, water, soil, etc), and make you aware of the toxic soup in today's' out of balance world that affect your health:


You can assume that your air has plenty of these health compromising constituents: •dust and fine particulate matter, •hydrocarbon exhaust, and benzene compounds, •cancer causing industrial byproducts, •hundreds of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), •chloro-flouro-carbons (CFCs) •mercury, asbestos, cadmium and other harmful elements •molds (indoor air and fall) and pollen (spring),

And in today's high tech world for good and bad we have: •chem-trails which consists of: aluminum, barium, strontium, stachybotrys black mold, and (Morgellon's disease making) nano-bots, •nuclear radiation leaking from most nuclear power plants, •Electro Magnetic Frequency Radiation (EMFR) from satellites, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi hotspots, power lines, un-grounded power lines effecting surface soils, radar, and microwaves •and the very disruptful High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) blasting the atmospheres ionosphere with unhealthy frequencies in certain regions of the world.


Let's not forget you (and the earth) are more than two thirds water, and the water that comes out of your faucet is loaded with chemicals that compromise your health. A three year study of the nation's drinking water quality has found more than 200 unregulated chemicals in the tap water of 45 states.  These include:

•chlorine and flouride, •hundreds of chemicals just to mask the smell of all the chlorine needed, •bacteria, •VOCs, •arsenic, lead, mercury, •Radiation, radio nuclides' •pharmaceutical drug residues, •disinfection by-products, •MTBE (gasoline additive) •Plastics, (Bisphenol-A) BPA, BPC, BPS - BPZ •medical, industrial and residential waste, •and depending on what is up-gradient of your aquifer, god knows what else.

You think a Brita Filter does your body's 1 trillion cells any justice in untainted hydration? Think again folks, invest in a water distiller, atmospheric water generator, or reverse osmosis (RO) for a superior drinking water option. Then you should still remediate (structuring, baking soda, zeolite, salt & lemon) the water further after robust filtration methods.  Did you hear about the recent Flint, Michigan water crisis? Our water infra structure is tainted and crumbling, don't be caught off guard while slowly poisoning yourself along the way.

Then, all that water we flush down the drain is effluent that flows into our creeks, streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, groundwater and finally in the mother of all dumping grounds the mighty oceans. Our planet is finite and now the oceans are acidic, losing its food base phytoplankton, loaded with floating and sunken garbage patches, and all the above mentioned pollutants.  The solution to pollution is not dilution on a global scale.


Now onto our most intimate orphus of health and wellness, your mouth. Though it is important you chose your words wisely, it is more important what you put in your mouth daily from the earth's soils and the food that grows from it.  So our precious top soil is a victim to the air and water that reign contamination from above on it.  See air and water pollutant lists above for what goes into the soil, and consequently the food you put in your body.  You grow healthy soil, you grow healthy plants and the pests do not show up, fancy that. Parallel that to humans if you have all you need mineral and microbe wise, then no bugs (viruses bacteria and molds) will not develop and set up shop in you.  Here is the dirt on the dirt:

•pesticides, herbicides, rodenticides •farm animal manure runoff •antibiotics and growth hormones •petro-chemical fertilizers •soil deplete of minerals (sulfur especially) •radon gas from granite rock regions •MSG, (yeast extract) flavor enhancers, •natural and artificial flavors which are thousands of chemicals •artificial preservatives •artificial food colorings •calcium carbonate (limestone) in nut milks

Now from the farm to the lab, let's talk about Franken-foods aka Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) from staples like corn, alfalfa, soy, wheat, canola oil, potatoes, and now mosquitoes etc. These GMOS "food products" turn your intestines into a "round-up ready" pesticide factory, causing leaky gut, gout and worse.  Your body treats GMO foods as a foreign invader (not like natural food) like cancer, and attacks the GMO foods which should be nurturing you, and puts your body on the defensive.  Please write your representative to have state rights to label GMO just so we make informed decision based on lab