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Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

Yes apples is the new #1 bumping strawberry's off to # 3.  print this out and put it in your kitchen. Give it to friends and family. Know what your eating. keep asking questions don't assume! Food production is a business and the products food so don't think for a minute that Big Ag and Food do not alter the product for profits. Right!?!

Dirty Dozen - Buy these organic

1 Apples

2 Celery

3 Strawberries

4 Peaches

5 Spinach

6 Nectarines – imported

7 Grapes – imported

8 Sweet bell peppers

9 Potatoes

10 Blueberries – domestic

11 Lettuce

12 Kale/collard greens

Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce

Clean 15 - Lowest in Pesticide

1 Onions

2 Sweet Corn

3 Pineapples

4 Avocado

5 Asparagus

6 Sweet peas

7 Mangoes

8 Eggplant

9 Cantaloupe - domestic

10 Kiwi

11 Cabbage

12 Watermelon

13 Sweet potatoes

14 Grapefruit

15 Mushrooms

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