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Drink 65+ Top Plants Everyday with Quick Preparation and Energy to Burn (Heal)


PROBLEM: Low diversity, nutrient deficient, chemical laden, "food" products =

Low energy output and masses don't feel well at all.

SOLUTION: Drink over 65+ of the most nutritious plants daily with under 1 hour prep time =

More time to feel great and society improves!

How many plants (vegetables, fruit, seeds, roots, herbs) do you consume in a day? 5, 10,20, 30,60+? Count them and let me know I'm curious. How much variety is in your weekly plant consumption? I would bet, that the average American eats under 20 plants a day. Those same 20 plants are not going to provide as many different nutrients as your remarkable body requires to optimize all of its systems for a hundred plus quality years.

The idea here to feeling really, really good and preventing diseases and chronic conditions is to provide your body with as many different sources of nutrients as possible (the right tools to do the jobs). I recommend my clients follow a Rainbow Rotation eating approach (I prefer to not use the word "diet"). Eating all the colors of the rainbow in organic produce will increase your likelihood of getting a varied and robust nutrient profile from your food, not a vitamin from a lab.

So I like to call it a vegetable shotgun approach, which includes healthy high vibe plants found in nature as the ammo; not weak contaminated GMO, plantation crops sprayed with chemicals. Are you eating local, organic, non-GMO, fresh quality produce and plants, daily? Does your food come from Iowa or the Amazon?

Well either way, I will lay out (BELOW) a delicious tasting, quick prep time, and of course a super nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plan that will keep you glowing and going! Now let's get your energy up and your food prep time down so you can get back to work, at work and on your best future self,... yet.

Today the variety of commercial plants produced and consumed is heavy (due to government subsides) on wheat, corn, soy, canola, sugar, cotton (seed oil), potatoes, etc.; yet light on a variety of nutrient dense plants like: maca, goji, ashwaghanda, nettle, spirulina or hemp. The latter are harder to find and are not found in most grocery store aisles or used in diner/restaurant menus.

The quantity of different plant species produced for consumption is very limited for most of North America and generally not as healthy as you think. The lack of health in this country is obvious by the advertising, the failing health care system (results and cost), or even going to say WalMart and looking at the people, you can see something has gone wrong.

Certainly today's grocery stores' produce looks colorful and shiny from afar, but when you "tack on" the GMO lab seeds, bug spray, chemical fertilizers, anti-biotics, processing centers, and transportation time the quality goes from not good to worse. Just when you think you are doing something right, you discover your wrong, or could do better, shall we say. If you are not buying organic and local, your health is taking a hit.

Nature and all her glorious splendors, trumps man's efforts at producing a perfect food time after time, so stick with your creator on this and not a cheap knock-off product from mankind that usually comes in a box, bag, can, or lab GMO seed grown into a pale wimpy & weird tasting so called produce item. Things come to mind like low octane fuel, not as good gas mileage, more residue, etc. People are REAL busy these days it seems, sure would be nice to have some zest/mojo/umppgh between your daily refueling choices so you can be on point and get stuff done.

I would like to add that supplementing what you find at the grocery store or farmers market with a good green superfood blend of dehydrated powders is critical to adding missing nutrients that could make all the difference in your health program. Many dehydrated plants pack more punch than laboratory derived vitamin supplements. So go to the source. Look for greens and superfoods from reputable companies.

Your superfood green drinks and protein drinks should be non toxic, raw, dehydrated, cool processed of nutritively valuable, plant powder blends. Some green, somer herbs and plant protein supplements are great, and some are not. How do you know? Well we had the same problem two years ago, so my wife and I made our own (green superfoods, plant protein, herbal tea blend) B-Rad & Joya's Superfood Formula's, so we know we are getting the best money can buy for our bodies and minds. B-Rad & Joya's Superfood Formula's uses only non-GMO, organic or wild-crafted plants and herbs from reputable industry leaders.

Ok so, here is my nutri-plant shotgun approach to infusing my body and mind with nutrients in their easily assimilate-able, natural organic state.

BREAKFAST: B-Rad & Joya's (B&J) Vitality Super Greens with B&J Chocolate (or Vanilla) Protein with B&J Long-Jevi-Tea. Then you load in the good fats (via soaked 1 Tbs of chia/flax seeds, 2 Tbs of Ghee/Butter and 2 Tbs. of coconut oil) which helps increase and sustain energy and focus longer. Directions: Heat water make tea in quart mason jar. Add the good fat and let dissolve. Then add a serving and a half of the B&J green and protein nutrient powders blends. Screw on a mason jar lid and shake for about 15 seconds and enjoy the breakfast of Olympians.

27 plants in this meal, plus 10 herbs, and also includes enzymes and probiotics!

LUNCH: Basically blend a salad. Make to suit your tastes, no two blender fulls are exactly the same when produce turns bad quickly, and i'm double wristing ingredients in the hopper.  Directions: First, I add one cucumber, one avocado, one piece of celery, a carrot stick, a green apple (no core), half a pepper, quarter of a onion, chunk of turmeric and ginger root, handful of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and add a cup of water, blend it up until chunks are gone. Secondly I add finger fulls of: spinach, arugula, spring salad mix, parsley, cilantro, garlic cloves. Then blend again until chunks have broken down into flakes and finer. Then thirdly a quick blend I add: sauerkraut, miso, olive oil, hot sauce, sea salt, Veganaise, real lemon and lime juice, Bragg's liquid aminos. I add these items last because the blender could alter the plant/ culture bacteria so just a quick zip here. Pour, serve and chew thoroughly before swallowing. The consistency is smooth, the taste ten times better than a V-8, super zesty and alive. It takes under 15 minutes to make, just cut, wash and blend.

23+ plants in this liquid meal. 

DINNER: This is where I get to enjoy a hot cooked "real food" meal and my carbs that help me crash into bed time. Will usually make a carbohydrate like: quinoa, rice, yams, potatoes, or even oatmeal sometimes. I then steam vegetables with optional organic grass fed and grass finished meat, or non Pacific (Fukashima radiation concerns) seafood lower on the food chain (mercury concerns). The vegetables here would be these staples of wellness: broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, squash, beets, turnips, etc. I try for lightly steamed, and cruciferous or low growing root type vegetables for dinner time. So only 5-7 plants and maybe a cleaner animal with this meal. You get bulk full feeling to get you to break-fast, hopefully 15 hours later for better ketosis (anti inflammatory) and digestion health results. Ketosis is another article.

5-7 plants with this meal. Satisfying meal to get you until break-fast 12-15 hours later.

SNACKS: Maybe, maybe not, depends on how the day goes. I recommend some low sugar fruits like berries (antioxidants), grapefruit (lignans) , or green apples (pectin) keep the blood sugar up as well as other well documented benefits. Or another option is nuts or seeds soaked and sea salted, the fat in the nuts and seeds holds you over and omega 3's are huge for health gains.

So we could add say 2 plants here to the total. Not even counting small quantity herbs, spices and seasoning that can evoke noted Ayuvedic health effects when consumed and varied regularly.

SUMMARY: So breakfast and lunch packs 60 nutritious plants! Wow! The key here is a good quality green/superfood/protein drink (without the "natural flavors" or sugars), and a good varied and vibrant salad (blended is better, chewing works slower and not as well on the nutrient breakdown). By doing this you receive the best of the lush Amazon AND organic farmed vegetables, that serves in 15 minutes, in an easily digestible meal plan for almost anyone to fuel their dreams wisely. Consuming 67 + various vegetables and herbs, etc. increases the likelihood that your nutrition profile is more complete. Opting for multivitamins from a lab is not a close second. Go to the source in nature and rack up your food as thy medicine with this Modern Health Coach (MHC) master meal plan above.

Contact me with question, advice or other MHC health product or service inquiries.

NOTE: None of the plant counts above do not overlap (eg: did not count carrots twice in different products). I and several others get great results (sustained energy, focus, anti inflammatory, cleansing, restorative, and feeling good) with this meal approach. Don't be afraid to mix it up either, maybe modify this nutri-plant shotgun approach with something else your doing as well. Takes notes and observe. However, this may not be for everyone, so please consult your physician before starting any health plan.

Drink your salad. For lifes sake get off corn, soy, wheat and canola to start. Go green go!

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