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36 Aspects of Wellness with a Kinesiology Philosophy

Profound human health and true wellness are dynamic in nature. Feeling your best encompasses a multitude of everyday aspects of life (physical, chemical, mental & energetic) most people do not even begin to think about, when putting together the question, “why I don’t feel good and what I can do about it?” It is the second part of the questions that pulls the most weight in what YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.

Ask your doctor… NO NO NO! You do not get sick or get cancer, you grow it and reap what you sow. So, pay attention now or pay a lot more later with medical bills and same ole’ ills, exacerbated into your early demise. Do not play into the trauma of your victim role, it just feeds the dark side.  Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of “cure.”  Well managing symptoms is not a cure it is conventional "wisdom."

Well folks, MHC is breaking down for you the whole person, holistic, kinesiology based, realistic, foundation of total health and wellness. Take a hard look at these 36 pillars of wellness and see how you can improve upon them in your day to day LIFE.  Get outside the box, your skin, and the social-norm, lame-stream, and embrace the challenge to live up to your highest destiny by incorporating these 36 aspects to your personal fullest potential, ACTIVATED…!

PHYSICAL HEALTH  1. Regular Exercise – Weight resistance training and wind sprints are best.  2. Sound Sleep – Ground your house and bed down, try inclined bed therapy.  3. Rest & Relaxation – Pace yourself and think long term, think tortoise and hare.  4. Good Posture – Defy gravity, be aware of your alignment and self correct  5. Personal Hygiene – Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Microbes on you and in you matter.  6. Clear Skin – Your largest organ is a window inside to your bodily health.  7. Strong Structure – Maintain your frame integrity to keep mobile, use it or lose it.  8. Balanced Muscles – Even symmetrical muscle tension is more energy efficient.  9. No tight clothes – Do not constrict your flow with pants, bra or tube tops.  10. Regular Massage – Does wonders and has direct relation to organ health.  11. No Thermal Stress – We operate in fine bands of comfort range stay there or adjust.  12. Avoid Injury – Be present in moment and go slow, most damage is self inflicted.

CHEMICAL HEALTH  1. Clean Fresh Air – Monitor indoor air quality for mold, glues, bldg. materials, VOCs and chem-trails.  2. Clean Pure Water – Distilled or Reverse Osmosis is best, you are 2/3rds water so critical.  3. Balanced Diet – Rainbow Rotation, organic diversity, sea salts and good fats are key.  4. Vitamin & Minerals – Get all nutrients from foods and trusted liquid supplements.  5. Good Digestion – 29 feet of twisted GI tract to keep clean for absorbing nutrients fully.  6. Proper Elimination – Death begins in the colon, keep it regular and keep it moving.  7. Endocrine Balance – Plastics and toxins disrupt hormones, supplement in adult hood.  8. Immune Strength – Stay alkaline and oxygenated and no bad bug can germinate in you.  9. No Processed Foods – Avoid “food” products in man-made boxes, bags & cans.  10. Avoid Pollutants – Sick planet = sick people, reduce environmental exposure & detox.  11. Avoid Additives – Grow your own is best, food supply is tainted with chemicals galore.  12. Avoid Drugs & Antibiotics – No vaccines or pharmaceuticals, use silver, Vit. C, & Oxygen.

MENTAL HEALTH  1. Acknowledge a Higher Power – Key for perspective in ascension, and catching a clue along the way.  2. Enjoy and Allow Mental Freedom – Free thinking, self correcting organism, not a worker drone.  3. Have Clear Purpose & Goals – Write & say specific intent, aim high & work your way back to present to transform.  4. Maintain a Positive Attitude – It is your choice sink or swim, attitude is everything.  5. Balanced Brain Hemispheres – Right handed world mean times to create your reality.  6. Freedom from Fear – No TV or media fear mongering, tune into your galaxy between your ears accentuate positive and eliminate negative.  7. Absence of Anxiety – Always forward rarely straight ahead, keep moving in life’s direction.  8. Enjoy Friends & Family – Relate to your blood and like minded, do not isolate, strength in numbers. Sense of community and your network should provide in a pinch.  9. Give & Receive in Balance – No vampires please, give to give and you will receive in time. Reciprocal action is amazing in due time.  10. Take Care of Self & Others – Be the example walk the walk and help others get home.  11. Use the Mind Creatively – Breakthrough our programming and bend reality toward your brightest desire.  Freestyle it up and shake loose.  12. Aesthetic Appreciation – Take time out to smell the roses, what a beautiful world we live in when viewed from deep gratitude.

ENERGETIC HEALTH  1. Balanced Yin and Yang – Balance is a fine line so hold the line and challenge your ways  2. No Pains, No Drains – Easier said than done, assess + & – forces in your life and adjust.  3. No Excess Energy – ground out in bare feet on grass the over stimulation buzz today.  4. No deficiencies – Give your body all the tools to do the jobs it needs. Soil depleted of minerals. Balance diet, relationships and life is tricky.  5. Avoid Stressful People – What is net affect (+ or -) of folks you share time space with?  6. Avoid Electronic Stress – Reduce time and increase distance from perverse EMF.  7. Avoid Geopathic Stress – Hartmann, Curry grids & underground water are proven cancer causes, dowse away and move your bed accordingly.  8. Avoid Magnetic Stress – Point bed toward magnetic north, magnetize your water and place magnets on sore body spots.  9. Avoid Radiation and Noise – Most nuclear power plants leak radiation, use baking soda and zeolite. No MRIs or airport scanners please opt out and felt up instead.  10. Manifest Destiny – Be a part of something bigger than you, take the high road of soul satisfaction!

Ok so there you have a most all encompassing list of aspects woven into your life you can improve upon day in and day out. Chip away and do not look back, if you aspire you shall obtain. MHC could write about each one of these 36 aspects into a chapter of a book on LIFE and how to take the bull by the horns so to speak and get well sooner than later.

Armed with the proper information and will power you have all you need, and set your intent to manifest your next best reality imaginable. Never give up, your health and wellness is the fight of your life, and you are the champion of your life, now time to act like one in training and waking days.

Use this list of 36 aspects of a dynamic self correcting organism to shatter old belief systems and live up to human potential this life time. Plus it feels really good to feel really good, AND you get more done the better you feel.  Hope this lays it out there for you, to pick it up, take it to heart and run with it all the way home…

Contact for personal coaching and consultation services from anywhere in the world…

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