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Basic Health and Wellness Outlook and Theories

So i wanted to talk to you about how to gauge your health and what common health parameters to take take into account, next time you get hungry think of this blog post.  If you gauge your health by counting calories in grams of protein, carbs, and fats then you might be able to manage your weight and exterior look, BUT your true health and wellness has a lot more parameters to gauge than your caloric breakdown.

The other parameters that make your health profile complete is: macro nutrients (vitamins, major minerals), micro nutrients (phyto-greens, trace minerals), enzymes, probiotics, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, pure water, pure air, sunshine and positive thoughts.  If you can take those into account and implement them into your diet you are taking control of your future and extending it.

The only constant in life is CHANGE. Problem is we are creatures of habit, don't fall into the easy habitual rut with your diet. If you eat the same thing everyday for 10years, your body is not getting all the nutrients it needs. That is problem, nutrient deficiency.  you are what you eat and what is in the store,s is not up to par for your amazing body.

Did you know that, EVERY disease can be traced back to a mineral shortage.  Even the soils in the world today do NOT have all the minerals that they used to, so how could the plants you eat (and YOU) have all the minerals you need? Salts are ok for minerals but you also need organic minerals from plants not just inorganic minerals from rocks. Click link here for the best organic (fulvic and humic source and mono-atomic) minerals. A 4 month supply for $35 dollars.

The #1 mineral shortage in the world is Magnesium! It is involved in over 300 chemical processes in your body and is considered the master mineral. Try this 100% absorbable spray on magnesium supplement here at 20% off retail

So the basic plan is to eat a varied diet consisting of all the colors in the rainbow.  Different foods have different nutrients, and you need ALL the nutrients. So a rainbow rotation diet is your best bet to get all your precious nutrients.

Now here is the real scoop... We are energy beings that thrive on energy, we have been electrical long before we were chemical. So that means that all our 75 trillion cells run and operate on voltage. That's right you convert food into voltage for all your cells to maintain and operate at their proper voltage range of 0.7 - 0.9 voltage. You have a pH range, a temperature range, and a voltage range among other ranges.  Your body fights to keep yourself in the optimal ranges 24  7. Don't make it hard on yourself by throwing a monkey wrench (SAD standard american diet) into your finely tuned love machine.

The higher your pH is (alkaline, not acidic hopefully), the higher your cellular Voltage can be. The higher your voltage is, the higher your Dissolved Oxygen can be. So if you are slightly alkaline you can hold more volts (energy), like an alkaline battery. That's what we are designed to be alkaline batteries, that keep going and going and going. Then if your humming along in an alkaline pH balance and your cellular voltage is at 0.7 - 0.9 Volts then, you can hold more (dissolved) Oxygen in your cells. Oxygen is the key to life more than any other nutrient. Dont forget 99% of your atoms are made of Hydrogen (pH), Carbon c based life forms), oxygen (breathe) and Nitrogen (80% of atmosphere).

Now if you can optimize your pH, Voltage and Dissolved Oxygen levels nothing can mess with your body at all. It's not the seed its the soil!  So if your inner bio terrain is alkaline and oxygenated you can NOT get sick or cancer!!!  That's right people, Otto Wahrburgh won the nobel prize in 1931 for saying that cancer can not survive in an alkaline and oxygenated body.

So get a pH food chart and start checking your saliva and urine. (6.8 -7.2 pH is ideal). Look at your health in a more simply beautiful but more complex way than the old Standard American Diet and Food Pyramid paradigm scam. The food pyramid with grains at the bottom and 3 servings of meat and dairy a day, is made by the meat and dairy association. Hello fox watching the hen house. Green on the bottom of your food pyramid not grains.

So get those 3 KEYS (pH, V, O2) in the higher end of the range and you will be invincible. As long as you look both ways before crossing a street.


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