Bad Drugs and Crooked Pushers

Pharmaceutical companies have hijacked healthcare in America, and the results are life-threatening. Reversing the trend of the past century, life expectancy in the US has already dropped compared to other advanced countries. We are in a world where increasingly we need protection from the institutions and their latest miracle cures to ensure we do not die prematurely.

The global market for pharmaceuticals is US$900 billion, but apart from cancer drugs, few new drugs target disease. The bestsellers are “lifestyle” or “risk management” drugs: antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs ($60 billion), cholesterol-lowering statins ($34 billion), blood sugar-lowering hypoglycemics ($24 billion), acid reflux drugs ($26 billion), and treatments for osteoporosis and sexual ”dysfunction.”

Drug side effects range from discomfort through emotional problems to death. Only 1 in 7 new drugs are superior to existing ones. Not realizing this, millions take the 6 in 7 drugs that are less (or no more) effective, even though they have not been properly tested for risks of harm, often with grave consequences. At least 1.5 million US hospitalizations a year and about 129,000 hospital deaths are caused by serious drug reactions. Yet, fewer than 5% of serious side effects are even reported. Adverse side effects reported by patients and doctors are discounted as “anecdotal”. As a result many are dying unnecessarily from heart attacks, suicide, homicide and strokes.

How did the drug companies capture our doctors and medical care? Well since the inception of the World Health Organization WHO (which is owned by the Rockefeller family) in the early 1900’s the powers that be then secretly: manipulated statistics to hide unwanted deaths, and circumvented protections, such as controlled trials, evidence-based medicine, and regulatory approvals.  They will stop at nothing to push bad drugs on us. Ask your doctor (drug dealer) if this drug is right for you. Sound familiar? I rest my case.

These are evil greedy people AMA, FDA, FCC, CDC, WHO etc. that capitalize on your ill health and only treat symptoms with drugs or surgery. Sorry that is the last resort and only effective for acute issues like a car accident. Other than that the western "conventional" medical society is your last option.

Get ahead of your health learning curve.  You don’t want to be a statistic in these misguided professionals resume; there techniques are proven archaic and outdated by far. Don’t believe the hype on these drugs, it is a full blown racket.

The big drug companies publish the books that the medical colleges buy.  Want to be doctors plow head first into this symptomatic and splintered approach.  The institutions force soo much pathology on these newbies that they don't even have time to think, that there might be another better way, than chasing and treating symptoms.

All the doctor colleges in the world only have at most 1 class on nutrition in 10 years of medical school. Then these "dr's" get out of school and think if i didnt learn it in 10 years of school then it does not do any good. they are brainwashed and most of the people today are brainwashed into this tail chasing mentality.

No pill can do what you can do. You are the cure. Be brave and seek your path to health freedom. Don't let them scare you with misguided jargon. Educate yourself or ask me how to reverse or hault this or that.  Its been done time and time againg long before these "sick care" institutions have been around.  All they do is patent active ingredients in plants anyway. Go to the source - nature! Get back to your roots people trust your gut, follow your heart and lead with your mind...

Blessings to all


B Rad

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