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21 Pearls of Wisdom for 21st Century Ascension

21 Pearls of Wisdom for 21st Century Ascension

MHC hopes this newsletter finds you and yours, on the upside this monumental time in human history.  As we transition from the Age of Information into the Age of Wisdom, and Pisces into Aquarius, and Dark into Light, we are entering a brand new world.  Let’s usher in the big change, by balancing our body’s, minds, lives, and planet.  Starting within and working out is the premise of the following 21 pearls of wisdom.  Please take these from my heart and mind to yours, to rise above the current challenges.   Look no further than helping yourself, so you can help more people through… Please share far and wide my 21 points of survival, thriving and ascension…I’ve never been more serious in my whole life!  One Love! Happy tails…

Accept that there is a higher order – Call it what you want, please realize that there are bigger forces in play than mere consciousness and the scientific method can grasp.  We strive for singularity (harmony, unity, and Source) in a dualistic world (heaven, hell, yin, yang, sun, and moon).  The sooner you put your ego in check, and acknowledge your higher-self, the sooner your life will manifest toward making your deepest vision(s) come true.  We humans reside in the 3rd dimension, spirit entities fly in the 4th and God is omnipresent in the 5th dimension. Our goal is to get off the karmic wheel and go home to infinite Source in this lifetime! God speed and holy shift!

2 Human potential - As above so below.  We are divine creations (made of water, fat, bones and minerals) with unlimited potential just beginning to be realized. We are in essence a toroidal energy field of sacred geometrical proportions and forms, seeking affinity for higher vibrations.  Few individuals over time have proven the full potential like Jesus, Buddha, Allah, and anonymous ascended masters.  They all have transcended this dimension and illuminated and enhanced our view of the multi-verse reality for us.  They maxed out! Monkey see monkey do, right? Most damage to people is self inflicted, get out of your own way and identify blind spots.  Know what you don’t know. Good deeds and good intentions are light years apart. Listen to your gut. Modulate your frequency.  Conjure up your mustard.  Everything is energy, anything is possible. Shoot for the stars and work your way back.

3 Truly Know Thyself and follow the Golden Rule – Delve deeply inward and figure yourself out. Treat others the way you want treated. Follow these 2 rules to the Nth degree, its Human 101.  Know what makes you tick so you can tick-le others. Think about what, why and when you think and connect certain thoughts in succession to know how your brain works and why you think those things then.  Gain inner strength in these two rules and radiate your white light core out and attract the right resonance/vibe to you, viola Law of Attraction. Don’t be off balance reaching, you’ll get hurt.

4 Clear emotional and energetic trauma – Please for you and your loved ones sake, get over childhood and past relationship traumas. Clean the slate. E-motion is energy in motion, keep it that way; don’t let it fester inside.  Deal with things as they come up and learn to vocalize how you feel in a constructive and civil manner.  Go to and look up ‘brad Yates EFT’ videos and tap out energies that no longer serve your higher good. Do it daily for weeks, takes 5 minutes a day and EFT (emotional freedom techniques/ tapping) is free. Talk, tap and yell it out…now.

5 Identify your weakest chakra(s) and take action to strengthen them – There are several ways find your weak link(s) (kinesiology, pendulum or quiz). You have 7 energy centers (chakras) that correspond directly to your 7 endocrine glands and energy zones.  Think rainbow. You want to be able to face the challenges and opportunities upcoming as a fully functioning energetic being, ready to ascend.  Root to the fruit and ground to the crown, you got to get up, to get down!

6 Detoxify your body – Babies are born with a dozen toxins at birth. Infertility, disorders, cancer are insane.  Start with your mouth and any mercury fillings have removed, rinse with salt water and silver daily. Reduce exposure to man-made chemicals, EMF Radiation, negative media. Instead: rebound, invert, sweat, and eat lots of plants and herbs. Eat light!  Chew well.  Exhale fully. Follow with organ cleanses (colon, liver, kidneys, parasite, and blood) and juice regularly.  Fiber and vitamin C is a poor man’s chelation. Clays, minerals, roots and oxygen are key too.

7 You are the cure – No doctor, pills, or surgery is going to cure the root problem, they will only manage symptoms. Your mind heals your body and your body fuels your mind. Take out the bad and put in the good.  Get after it from all angles physical, chemical, emotional, electrical, environmental, social, and quantum. Give your body what it needs, a rainbow rotation diet, pure spring water, fresh air, exercise, and love. Get and stay balanced.  It’s a fine line, at first.  Symptoms WILL fade away with the RIGHT procedures, protocols, nutrients and persistent focused mental fortitude. I promise!

8 De-Program and re-Program your mind – Dump the fear and breathe in the love and gratitude.  If you do not program your mind (with super + info) then the matrix style government, special interest globalists will program it for you.  Know your true history (before Sumeria), to plan your bright future.  The crap we learned growing up will leave you hanging.  Ultimate human potential is vibrating up to higher dimensions, and can be godly ridiculous.  Train your brain and mind to work for you.  You have all the tools you’ll need: mind, heart, a body and father time. Shine on you star!

9 Choose your thoughts and words carefully and constructively – You become what you think, and your words program those thoughts. Believe ~ behave ~ become.  Keep your head up and look around and perceive how beautiful life is. Take stock in yourself, and start with your thoughts and words. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. Think future present “I am becoming ____.” Its your choice to be + instead of -.

10 Find purpose, fulfillment and happiness in life - Life is too short to live out someone else’s expectations of you. The American dream is dead. Start or join progressive projects.  Finance and forge a dream that makes you have invaluable meaning in YOUR LIFE and give back to others two fold. 

11 Find your gift and share it with the world - Do what you love and love what you do. The Universe wants you to succeed in your calling.  Spread your gift?  Give it away.  Pay it forward.  Don’t think A-head, think for all the heads. Be creative toward solutions in making it work for you and others that have similar problems and desires. The more you put it out there the more it comes back.

12 Find wholesome communities in your neighborhood and online – Community is our key going forward. Strength in numbers, rally around causes. Birds of a feather flock together. Start local with neighbors and reclaim public spaces back. Make your front yard a garden and gathering place.  Barter for services and goods and find local repurposed solutions to your everyday needs or create them.  Don’t live isolated, watching TV and being zombified with fear.

13 Diversify don’t be so specialized – Be a jack of all trades, learn new practical skill sets. Metro sexual is out, revolutionary DIY earthling is in. It’s going back to the farms and communities for real quality of life, as the city life diminishes its returns to its members.  Slow it down, keep it simple and trim the fat in life. Be balanced in what you can do for yourself.  Our society is too categorized with vein derivatives of consumerism.  People can’t even relate to each other anymore. Our humanity has been surpassed by our technology.

14 Reach out and get involved – We are all in this together so, get connected to legitimate grass roots organization, and local events and artisans that support human rights over corporate rights.  Real change happens from the bottom up, not the top down, people drive change not government.  This world needs us to rally and pull our consumer card away from sinister corporations that undermine our future, vote with your dollars and efforts.

15 Massive focused meditation can change the outcome globally and universally – This is why no one can tell you how 2013 is going to be, it’s up to us now to evoke the change from fear to love. Our collective consciousness can alter reality and protect us.  A 3,000 person group meditation focused on peace for 2 months in 1993 dropped crime in D.C. 25%. This mass focus affect has been proven time after time; changing the outcome of reality with your mind. Imagine that!  Tap into a global mediation online or local groups and create change inside out.

16 Manifest the best, be prepared for the worst – Well there are serious economic, environmental, social and political instabilities as well as geophysical uncertainties on today’s radar.  Their impact could be modest or monumental. The good news is, there is also a projected DNA upgrade in the cards for our fledgling species. Open your energy channels now so you are able to transform fully and activate all the DNA possible in the near future. We have up to 12 strands possible and only 2 activated now. Some aliens have 3 DNA activated. The frequency of love and photons from the sun connect your DNA telomeres.  Dusk and dawn sun gazing enlarges your pineal gland and feeds you in ways.

17 Don’t underestimate Earth shifts – The earth is alive, know your historical geophysics.  All the worlds’ religious books all start with floods.  A widely expected increase in sun and galactic activity, increases earthquakes, which yield tsunamis.  Earthquakes and volcanoes have gone up 400% and 500% since 1973.  Atlantis and Lumeria did exist on the 10,000 B.C shoreline.  MHC has identified 7 geophysical and galactic forces forecasted through 2013 by various ancient cultures, mediums, NASA, and scientists.  MHC’s 7 Saviors are: magnetic pole reversal, pole shift, big sun cycle, Nibiru, a 50k light year tall Milky Way core blast, galactic equatorial alignment, and procession of the equinox’s cycles.  Evolution happens in cyclical spurts not gradually (sorry Darwin).  Ever here of Edgar Cayce’s predictions? He is the best psychic ever at 90% right?  MHC feels it’s going to get worse quick, before it gets a whole lot better, so once the dust settles know that the meek (that’s us) shall inherent the earth.  Bunker down and rise up, in mass!

18 Be prepared, for a month long camping trip – Don’t panic, consider it an insurance premium, better safe than sorry. Google up “survival equipment supplies list” and build it or buy online asap.  Pretend the power and water are out and buy accordingly.  The power grid and water grid are crumbling and are very susceptible to sun storms, galactic forces and earth shifts for the next 2 years solar maximum.  You don’t want to wait on FEMA for anything.  Have enough stored food until your seeds take hold.  Have enough gasoline, bottled water, food and basic living supplies. Have plenty of hand tools to work the land.  The local convenient store won’t be stocked in tough times.   Buy books, map, lights and have a plan and a backup plan.

19 Alien Disclosure – There are more stars in the sky, than there are grains of sands on all the earth’s beaches. Odds are with Intelligent Design, we are not alone. Some say there are 3,000 species of aliens on earth!  Look for the government to keep suppressing close encounters, free energy and human rights.  Uncle Scam still wants to be the big man on campus.  YouTube up the “SETI” and “disclosure project.”  Be leery the government will try and pose as good guys (they have holographic and UFO technology) and disclose aliens as the bad guys (aka the next terrorists). Listen to the real crop circle artists, they know and care about our future.  Over 3,000 crop circles and a million UFO sightings cant all lie. NASA is like the Federal Reserve, private.

20 Question Authority – The government is not your friend, they have been hijacked by globalist elite illuminati NWO types.  The same 12 shadowy families rule the earth. Watch the movie Thrive free online, for power pyramid scheme and more. Since the staged 9/11, spawn the Patriot Act, our bill of rights is being erased.  The military can now take away you, your water, your stored food and your farm equipment without question. Why recently have over 117 world re-known scientists died mysteriously?  Technology and human suppression is alive and well, follow the money trail to find guilty parties pulling the strings. Ease up on the fluoride people.  Use the internet to call them out, enough is enough!  Practice common or maritime law.

21 Do your own research to find your answers – You have the world at your fingers. Knowledge is power. You just need right info to make good decision.  Don’t trust the easy quick answer. Dig for the treasure.  Consider the source.  I find Google and YouTube video searches a good start. Check out my links page for a trusted start . 

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