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The following services can be ordered globally:

  • MHC Remote Consuting/Coaching/Trainer

  • Water Chmeistry Report Analysis

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

The following services are only available to people in the Southwestern United States

MHC uses sound, vibration, color, ancient energy tools, emotional clearings, elemental, and abundant universal energy to infuse you and atone you to lose your old programs and beliefs toward higher states of resonant vibration and realign with yourr highest potential.  Everything is energy!  All atoms on the periodic table in Chemistry are 99.9% S  P  A  C  E - read between the lines and let MHC fill the void with ultra pure abundant healing energies and pure white light...for your highest healing!  Below services are available in Show Low, Arizona and the gorgeous White Mountain "Alps of Arizona" area.

Our Services

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MHC HQ in Arizona is 90% Solar Powered! 

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