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Clean you inside out

  • 70 US dollars
  • Yours, or Show Low office

Service Description

I have personally used these programs/protocols to help fully recover from 13 years of "front lines" occupational environmental exposure (including working at "Ground Zero"), 20 years of partying hard on weekends, 13 of the those years living in NYC and LA urban centers, had minor knee and hip surgeries in 2003 & 2005, and a hit & run car crash in 2007 that totaled my car (I got hit, the other guy ran). I am in my 40's now and never felt better! I GOT YOU COVERED in this best-of-the-best {CTRL + ALT + DEL= Reboot your metabolism and reset your digestion (Life)} Program!!! Let's begin... Consulting You first are emailed a detailed personal health questionnaire multiple-choice form to complete, to assess your internal bodily needs based on your lifestyle and health history. After submitting health questionnaire, MHC will Consult with you 1-on-1 for 45 minutes in person, via Skype, and/or telephone. We will discuss you needs and align you with the most applicable type, duration and intensity of varying Detox, Cleanse and Fasting Programs and Products for your ultimate body and mind purification. Coaching You never had anyone like ME in your corner! Get ready to move those mountains ~ of detritus, intestinal, arterial and brain toxic plaque, that may be hindering your body and your mind from optimal performance. MHC will Coach you on how to prepare you and your home (kitchen, bathroom) and then explain and assist you through the whole internal purifying process. Phone consultation included. We are dedicated to get you awesome detox and purification results! Program MHC's general lifestyle principles are: - eat to live, don't live to eat, eating a live and cultured plant based diet; detoxing, fasting and cleansing at least twice a year; fasting everyday for at least 12 days to break-fast; juicing daily to weekly, supplement accordingly, break a light sweat daily; get lots of pure air, water, love, and sunlight; and surround yourself with hi-vibe people. It is best to start from the the back end (colon) and work upward to the small intestines, gallbladder, liver, kidneys, blood, parasites, skin, etc... You will learn the four Cornerstones of Health, what foods to eat for pH and negative ions, what foods to avoid, the value of water, air, love, live cultured food, mineral salts, amino acids, essential fatty acids, DNA and soo much more. MHC will give you practical tips to help you glow from the inside out, which is true cellular hygiene. Ba

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(928) 940-6263

Foothills of the White Mountains of eastern Arizona Show Low, AZ, USA

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