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Your Alternative, Holistic, Naturopathic, Nutritional & Detoxification Health Source!

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Cellular Hygiene Cleaning & Deeper Detox!

Take out the bad.  Drastically reduce your toxic burden from air, water, food, building materials, cleaners, people, (social) media, EMFs, radiation & geopathics.  Sanctify your space and body.  Perform safe yet aggressive cleanse & fasting.  Reduce Stress.

Purify Combo is only $275 not $334.65  


Includes:  Diatomaceous EarthLiquid Zeolite, Atomic Silver, ORME Oxygen, Med. Vitality Super Greens, Immune System Boost, MycoForce Mushroom Blend, and Anti Oxidant Extreme capsules 



Hi-Octane Optimal Replenishing Nutrition!

Put in the good by consuming a rainbow rotation of organic plants daily with soups, salads, smoothies supplements and clean protein.  Determine  blood type, weak links and build nutritional, detox & exercise programs best for your situation(s).


Nourish Combo Is only $285 not $336.80


Includes Vitality Super Greens, Vegan Protein vanilla or coco, Liquid Multi-Vitamin & Multi-Mineral,  Herbal Tea & Earth Root Blends, Pro-Biotics & Enzymes



Enhanced Living and Peak Performance!  

Optimize your potential and strive for balance.  Is your daily hi-vibe maintenance program intact?  Reprogram old belief systems and clear traumas.  Modulate ups & downs to forge a dynamic and resilient 2.0 You!  Keep striving for peak health.


Balance Combo is only $345 not $592.85


Includes:  Three (your choice) 20-pack Peptides,    Q-CHIPS "Super 6" Combo-Pack & Crystal Energy

Maximize your effort & results with MHC's Protocols! 

MHC Coaching Combo Special

3 x 1 Hour Remote Coaching Sessions for $149

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