AquaNui 10 G Water Distiller


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  • Model: AquaNui 10G
  • Shipping Weight: 45lbs
  • Manufactured by: Aqua-Nui


Water Distilling (not filtering) is the only process that

Removes 99.9% of ALL toxins from water! 

AquaNui 10G

Daily 10 gal. production with storage tank options. Ideal for small families. Shown with 10 gal. storage tank.

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AquaNui 10G represents a step up in production from our 8G model. Stainless steel and built to last, the 10G produces 10 gallons every day. We recommend the 10 gal. storage tank, but you have the option of  5 and 15 gal. storage tanks. Prices vary. Storage tanks include spigot and stand with adjustable leveling feet. It comes with a steam sterilization option. For easy installation, AquaNui premium water distillers include saddle tapping valve, compression nuts, 15’ food-grade tubing, VOC pre-filter and standard faucet. Several extended-reach faucet upgrades are available. Click here to download the manual.

AquaNui is made in the USA and comes with a 15-year limited warranty — a 2-year full warranty on electrical parts. Patent pending.


Configure Your AquaNui 10G

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Storage - AquaNui distillers can be combined with one of three stainless steel storage tank options based on your needs: 5, 10 and 15 gal. Storage tanks include faucet for dispensing water and stand with adjustable leveling feet.
Pump - The AquaNui Pump allows you to dispense water throughout your home or workplace. Add a Pump to get upgrade options, i.e., an Extended Reach Faucet, Icemaker Hookup Kit and Leak Sensor. Choose the amount of extra tubing you need. Our tubing is food-quality grade.
Water Hookup Options
Leak Sensor - Our 1/4-in. Leak Sensor includes a spring shutoff valve.
Water Line Hookup -Water Line Hookup for your AquaNui is accomplished in one of three ways. A Saddle Tapping Valve is included with each AquaNui 8G, 10G and 12G. To install with no piercing of the pipe, or if restricted from use by local code, choose either an Angle Stop Valve, for under-sink hookup, or a Utility Hookup Kit (shown), for use on the washing machine line.
Softener Cartridge System -The Softener Cartridge System pre-conditions water to reduce the maintenance of your AquaNui. Add to the cart if you have a hard water supply.
Maintenance Package - Choose the AquaNui Maintenance Package to protect your distiller, reduce costly repairs, and ensure its optimum performance. Prices represent 10% off a 1 year supply, 15% off a 2 year supply.

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