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  • Model: a new Radiant You 2.0
  • Manufactured by: Modern Health Coach LLC


This program will help set you up to live the Alkaline Lifestyle in your own home. Alkaline Lifestyle Coaching consists of "reprogramming your outdated mental software", with a new version of consuming food and water to help optimize cellular performance, and healthy blood pH range thus encouraging vitality and longevity.  This pH range is crucial for maintaining life.  If out of balance our body fights to keep your blood in this narrow alkaline pH range by neutralizing acidity with minerals from your bones and ends up storing toxins in your fat, joints, and feet.

MHC works with you to help YOU and your trillions of cells get the results you deserve.  We will show you how to get set-up at home and in the kitchen.  A little food preparation goes along way toward nutritional and tasty meals throughout the week. You will also learn how to monitor and maintain your critical pH level, amongst acidic foods that may currently be present in your diet. 
This program is founded on alkalinity, cellular voltage and dissolved oxygen.  However there are several other aspects to vitality and longevity that we will go over in this program.  Such as healthy digestion, proper immune function, hormone balancing and how to live a healthy and happy life for a long time. 
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