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Synthesized Joint & Bone Peptide Cartalax 20 Capsules

Synthesized Peptide Complex


Cartalax Synthesized Joints And Bones Peptide

  • Normalizes the function of the cartilage and bone tissues

  • Reducing peptide deficiency

  • Restoring protein synthesis inside cells

  • Biologically active food supplement Cartalax normalizes metabolism in cartilaginous tissues and slows down their involutive alterations.


Cartalax - Synthesized Joints And Bones Peptide

Cartalax is a dietary supplement with а synthesized cartilage peptide. It normalizes the function of the cartilage and bone tissues by reducing their peptide deficiency and restoring protein synthesis inside their cells.


Cartalax is recommended for everyone whose joints and bones may be compromised, especially elderly people and athletes. It is also helpful for people with osteochondrosis, arthritis, rheumatism osteoporosis, gout, injuries or fractures.


Cartalax can be easily combined with other supplements and medicines and should be used in addition to conventional medical treatments. 


Biologically active food supplement Cartalax is a peptide complex containing the following amino acids: alanine, glutamine and asparagin, maintaining cartilaginous tissue functions.
Cartalax is manufactured in the form of tablets or capsules. Each tablet or capsule contains 0.100 mg of the active substance.


Experimental studies in the cartilaginous organotypic tissue culture showed, that the peptide complex is capable of stimulating proliferative and functional activity of the main cellular elements of the tissue culture, reducing spontaneous cell death rate, enhancing regenerative-adaptive processes in proliferating and differentiating cells. It exhibits trophic and stabilizing action with respect to morphological integrity and regeneration of cartilaginous tissue, improving its functions.


Pre-clinical investigation of Cartalax biological effects in animals demonstrated, that its administration not only improved certain indices of cellular and tissue homeostasis in the cartilaginous tissues, but also normalized the disordered functions of the locomotor apparatus as a whole, infringed by stress, adverse environmental factors and age-related pathology.


The problem of treatment and rehabilitation of patients with degenerative diseases of joints and the spine with irreversible and progressive manifestations is one of the most important problems in geriatric practice.
Clinical trials of Cartalax involved 63 patients with osteoarthritis of knee joints (18 people, including 11 men and 7 women), osteochondrosis (28 people, including 12 men and 16 women), and osteoporosis (17 women) aged 45-78 years, who formed the main group. Control group consisted of 37 patients of the same age with similar health problems. (Table 6).


Patients with osteoarthritis of knee joints complained of pain, limited flexion and extension of the joints while walking. Study subjects of an older group suffered deformation of joints, muscular femoral dystrophy and weakness of ligamentous apparatus of the joints. Patients with spinal osteochondrosis often complained of pain in the lower back with irradiation in sciatic nerve, considerably increasing while walking, changes in body position, physical loads, as well as of pain in the thoracic segment of the spine. Patients with osteoporosis complained of frequent bone fractures, following insignificant trauma or even without an apparent cause. The duration of the disease made 5-20 years in the main and control groups with progressive dynamics of pathological process. All study subjects used to receive analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents for a long period of time, resulting in a short-term therapeutic effect followed by the need for increasing the dosage and extending the duration of a treatment course. In the course of trials, control group patients received common treatment. Patients from the main group were prescribed 1-2 capsules of Cartalax 2-3 times a day for 20-30 days in addition to the conventional remedies. For evaluation of Cartalax effectiveness, patients’ complaints were reviewed in dynamics, as were the results of clinical blood and urine tests, blood biochemistry study, X-Ray examination. It is necessary to point out that radiological symptoms of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the joints and spine are not only objective diagnostic criteria of pathological process development, but also significant prognostic estimates in medicinal therapy.


Cartalax administration to patients with osteoarthritis of knee joints reduced the pain and rigidity of joints in 72,6% of cases. At the same time, the strongest reduction of pain symptoms took place at initial stages of the disease, registered by X-Ray diagnostics, namely judging by the narrowing of joint cleft between a kneecap and a hip, lateral osteophyte of kneecap and hip condyle. Essential changes in radiological symptoms during said period were not revealed. Patients with an advanced stage of arthrosis exhibited similar, but less pronounced dynamics of subjective indices. Taking into account that patients of older group were diagnosed for the said stage of the disease, such subjective reports were regarded as very favorable. Patients with osteochondrosis of lumbar segment of the spine showed the decrease in pain syndrome in 65,3% cases after Cartalax administration as a part of complex treatment including conventional medications. Similar dynamics prevailed among middle-aged patients. Cartalax administration to elderly people for 20-30 days alleviated the progressive pain occurrence, which was usually associated with physical loads to the spine and lower extremities, and induced the increased mobility in the spine. Osteoporosis patients, who received Cartalax for long periods (not less than 3 courses per year - 30 days each with 4 months interval), reported the stabilization of metabolism in the osseous tissue, which was confirmed by densitometry studies.


There was observed: reduced incidence of bone fractures, accelerated restoration of locomotor functions, shorter stays in the hospital. All study subjects manifested significant smoothing out of the above mentioned symptoms, whereas the said diseases are well known for their pronounced conservatism. No side effects, complications, contraindications or drug addiction have been revealed under Cartalax administration. Therefore, the results of clinical trials evidence the therapeutic efficacy of Cartalax and substantiate the expediency of its application in the complex treatment of patients with degenerative-dystrophic conditions of joints and the spine in combination with any means of symptomatic and pathogenetic therapy of these diseases.

Synthesized Joint & Bone Peptide Cartalax 20 Capsules

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  • Peptide supplements

    For many years the peptide preparations were available only as medicines, in the form of injections. However some years ago Prof. Khavinson and the Russian St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology created dietary supplements that can also reduce peptide deficiency and restore peptide-protein cycle in cells. They can be divided into natural (Cytomaxes) and synthesized (Cytogens) russian peptide bioregulators.


    Natural russian peptide bioregulators (Cytomaxes)

    Natural russian peptide bioregulators is a group of peptides of less than 50 amino acids and with a molecular mass of less than 5 kDa, free from foreign DNA or protein substance, extracted from organs and tissues of young calves by a patented method of thorough filtering. 5 kDa is very little. The molecular mass of DNA fragments and proteinaceous infectious particles, the prions, are several times bigger than that. Therefore these natural russian peptide supplements are extremely clean products. They do not have any immunogenic or mutagenic properties.
    Inside the gastrointestinal tract the natural russian peptide bioregulators break down into amino acids and di-, tri- and tetrapeptides that match the DNA in a complementary way and activate protein synthesis in the respective body system. Their performance is gentle and gradual. Their effect continues to grow even after finishing the supplementation course and lasts up to 4-6 months until the peptide-protein cycle is impaired again.


    Synthesized peptide bioregulators (Cytogens)

    The analysis of natural peptides was used to detect the most active peptide from a group, which was later replicated in a lab. Synthesized (Cytogens) peptide bioregulators supplement contains only one peptide molecule whereas natural one includes a group of molecules.


    Synthesized peptides have an immediate impact compared to natural peptides and have a faster, yet more short-lived effect (1.5-2 months). Such peptides are typically used to start the initial peptide deficiency treatment. However, it is advised to switch to natural (Cytomaxes) peptides as a follow-up course.


    Both types of peptides are efficient, safe to use, have no side effects and are compatible among themselves and with other products. As for the choice between natural and synthesized russian peptides, it depends on a particular situation. However, in most cases synthesized peptides, if available, are administered prior to the use of natural peptides.


    Buy russian natural peptide bioregulators online from official distributor in US.


    Vita-Stream is the only official distributor of the russian natural peptide

    bioregulators in United States. Vita-Stream works directly with the manufacturer in Russia. We have all the peptide variations available, both of natural (Cytomaxes) peptide , and synthesized (Cytogens) bioregulators.


    Ingredients (per 1 capsule): peptide AC-4 (alanine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid). Inactive ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose (E460), beetroot sugar, lactose, starch, Tween-80.

    Contraindications: an individual tolerance of components, pregnancy, lactation


    Recommendations for application: adults take 1-2 capsules. 1-2 times a day during meals.


    Receiving duration: one month, repeat every 4-6 months.



    The Saint Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology (SPIBG) of the North-Western Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences for years has been developing a special approach to a new class of peptide-based supplements. As a result of the analysis of the amino-acidic sequence of peptides extracted from organs and tissues, physiologically active short peptides have been developed and later defined as a class of cytogenes, also known as the synthesized short peptides. This class of dietary supplements is characterized by a faster action compared to extracts: the physiological effects become evident after 24 hours, the main processes related to regulating work and functionality of organs and systems are launched. It is therefore considered highly important to take these synthetic peptides in the earliest stage of biotherapy.

    On the other hand, the extracted peptides, widely known as the cytomax class, or the natural peptides, perform in a more delicate and gradual manner due to their so called specific physiological environment: it includes amino acids and microelements typical for that type of tissue from which they have been extracted in terms of quantity and quality. As a consequence of discrepancy in performance and effects of the different classes of peptides (synthesized or natural), SPIBG recommends their step-wise use as more reasonable. For instance, in the first four weeks a course of synthetic peptides can be taken, followed by one to two months of biotherapy based on natural peptides.


    Synthesized Peptides Combinations

    • Digestive system: OVAGEN VESUGEN CRYSTAGEN

    • Vascular system: VESUGEN CRYSTAGEN

    • Central nervous system:    PINEALON VESUGEN OVAGEN

    • Respiratory system:    CHONLUTEN CRYSTAGEN VESUGEN

    • Immune system:    CRYSTAGEN VESUGEN OVAGEN

    • Locomotor apparatus:    CARTALAX VESUGEN CRYSTAGEN

    • Adverse factors (radio - and chemotherapy, long-term ionizing irradiation, psychoemotional stress):    VESUGEN OVAGEN



    Please note: You should always consult a primary care physician/health practitioner of choice when considering the use of any products for health purposes, especially when undergoing treatment for an existing condition.

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