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Purify Combo

Decades of the Standard American Diet (SAD), weaponized food, toxins from the air, soil, groundwater, oceans and in your house, and under yoiur kitchen sink have the average persons TOXIC BURDEN is chock full and your body can't do what it needs to with all the CRAP in the way.  So lets get your 75 trillion cells glowing and going. 

First we take out the bad (crap stuck in your body) and second we put in the good.  Lets focus on the following products to get the impacted toxic bio-slidge matter out of your body.  This combo is meant to be consumed over a period of weeks and months when used properly and in conjunction with other detox protocols (colon, liver, kidnely) and some products


The MHC's PURIFY Combo Deal includes:


  • DE (Diatomaceous Earth)  8 oz. bag ~ $7.50
  • Liquid Silver Solution (smaller particle size than ionic).  16 oz. ~ $52.45
  • Liquid Zeolite + DHQ 2x1 oz bottles ~ $39.90
  • ORME Oxygen + 1 oz bottle - $41.95
  • Vitality Super Greens 21 top nutrient dense plants 30 servings - $40
  • Immune System Boost 8 oz bottle - $41.95
  • MycoForce Immunity Mushroom Blend 120 capsules - 49.95
  • Anti-Oxidant Extreme Ultimate ORAC 360 capsules ~ $59.95


Retail  Total = $333.65

MHC PURIFY Combo Deal = $280.00 

Save $53.65!


Clean out your bulk, morbid matter out deeper then ever before.  Your 75 Trillion cells and housemates will thank you.


Directions included ffrom manufacturer is found on each bottle, however if you would like more information on how best to consuime these (when, how long, etc.)


MHC offers remote phone/video coaching and consulting services for PURIFY, NOURISH, BALANCE combo deal purchasers at special discount Three 1 hour sessions is only $150.   


Purify Combo

$333.65 Regular Price
$280.00Sale Price
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