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Professional Dual- ES9800i 5.50 Amps/150 Watts @ 10,000Hz

NEW: increased to 5.5 Amps & 150 watts, major design improvements, better cooling system, sturdier box, works anywhere in the world. (upgraded version of FOCUS ES9000) SYSTEM INCLUDES: Power Unit, (2) Optimizers water module, UL approved 6 ft. power unit cord, Cleaning brush, Complete set of User Instructions, (2) Free 2 oz. sample size of Himalayan salt with 84 minerals. Carrying case is available for $95 (not included).

• UNIT: 12" X 10.5" X 5.5". Adjustable handle tilts power box for convenient visual display of control panel. Simple, modular 'plug & play' system. Light, compact, durable unit. • SEPARATE CONTROLS: Double sided separate timer and meter controls with simple digital readout for 2 people. • VOLTAGE/WATTS: Input: 100–240 vac, Output: 2 separate 2.5–22.5 vdc 150 watts, max, works anywhere in the world, (Adapter cords to be sold separately) • AMPERAGE/FREQUENCY: 5.50 AMP foldback each side, Output 10,000 hz.

• SAFETY: Power box safety, dual regulator system, over-voltage and current fold-back circuit protection with 2 amp fuse. High quality electrical component power system - all components UL Certified. Single power switch controls entire system for added safety.

DESCRIPTION: The ES9800i DUAL Professional (1 or 2 people) was designed for the practitioner and has a couple of features beyond that of its predecessor the ES9000. The internal power source for a ES9000 was capable of 60 watts, the internal power source for a ES9800i is 150 watts. It can deliver more current to a user (the ES9000 will fold back at around 3.25 amps) the ES9800i can deliver more (fold back is around 5.5 amps). The cooling capacity is enhanced. It is capable of 5500 cubic feet per minute (CPM), which is 10% higher than the ES9000. This is accomplished via the cooling fan and the enhanced airflow from the larger enclosure. The ES9800i still maintains a lower voltage, the increase in current flow to the user is facilitated by adding more electrolyte (salt). (for professional use)

UNDERSTANDING 'KEY CONCEPTS' & 'DIFFERENCES' of Detox Footbaths (click on below item to learn more) i DUAL POLARITY vs. SINGLE POLARITY?...  COST of construction?...  NEG IONS vs POS IONS?...  Differences in WATER ELECTRODES?... i About the POWER SUPPLY UNIT...  PROTECTION Mechanism... Control AMPs w CURRENT vs. SALT...  COPPER Tub vs. PLASTIC Tub...  About AMPs... HIMALAYAN SALT vs. OTHER SALT... About HERTZ... WRISTBAND Misconceptions...  About VOLTAGE of IONS... COLOR CHARTING Misconceptions?... i # of IONS produced in bath?... i LIST OF WHAT QUESTIONS TO ASK? ... ü BRAND DIFFERENTIATION OPTIMUM energetic footbaths are the most powerful units on the market. The standard OPTIMUM model runs as high as 3.00 AMPS and the professional model as high as 5.5 AMPS. Most competitors’ units only operate up to 2.5 AMPS.

OPTIMUM energetic footbaths generate a higher voltage of negative ions. Because our units operate at higher AMPS, they are able to generate more negative ions—up to 35 times higher than competitive units. (Since competitors’ water modules are generating less electrical activity, they can last longer than our Optimizer water module however they will not produce as high of an ORP (# of ions)). OPTIMUM energetic footbaths offer adjustable current control to compensate for different needs of those receiving the treatment. With the Optimum units you have full control over the amperage simply by adjusting the current knob (going as low as 0.00 to 5.50 amps). Other competitor units do not have the ability to make adjustments to the incoming current. Their units amperage can only be increased by adding 'salt'. To reduce the amperage in the competitor's units you can not take the salt out of the water so you have to either dump the water or dilute it defeating the purpose of creating an denser saline solution. Even if these other units have preprogrammed buttons you are still adding salt to increase the amperage until the unit notifies you when the amperage has been reached and then you stop adding salt. It is a cheap way to control amperage and the client is receiving a straight 24 volt current which is not healthy. We use regulators to control the power supply. OPTIMUM energetic footbaths feature a comprehensive protective mechanism. Our internal and external fuses and double insulated construction guard against the water module blowing a fuse. Many competitive brands use other technology that is not as protective of the person getting the footbath treatment.

OPTIMUM energetic footbaths use a water module with advanced features.  The Optimizer water module offers advanced surface design to enhance the ionic osmosis process; welded connections for stronger conductivity; use of 100% copper construction; and it doesn’t require cumbersome manual replacement of individual components (the entire unit is disposable). Other brands uses standard copper that is bound with other elements known to cause carcinogens; they use technology that can lead to a blown fuse, don’t feature welded construction, and require manual replacement of individual rings that must be placed correctly in order to function. OPTIMUM energetic footbaths are technologically advanced in components, internal stages of regulation, output, and use of double insulation. Many other brands still use outdated Transformer Rectifier (TR) power supply technology from the 1960s, which can malfunction and cause ripples and spikes or static interference. OPTIMUM energetic footbaths offer an optional copper tub that enhances conductivity. Because less AMPs are needed to generate the desired power, the copper tub helps extend the life of the Optimizer water module. Other brands only use plastic tubs.


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Professional Dual- ES9800i 5.50 Amps/150 Watts @ 10,000Hz

$2,659.00 Regular Price
$2,299.00Sale Price
  • LEARN ALL ABOUT FOOTBATHS 1. Tell me all about 'KEY CONCEPTS' of the Footbath Process.. 2. 'WHAT ?s TO ASK' to select a Detox Footbath System? 3. LEARN WHY our units are better. 4. TRAINING we offer at home training for Practitioner/Distributor Certification. 5.

    RESEARCH we offer data on water analysis showing heavy metal removal. 6. HOW IT WORKS learn how the footbath process works with the body. 7. TESTIMONIALS/BLOG learn feedback from our clients.


    AMPERAGE: Amperage is adjusted thru current instead of salt for: (Differences in human skin resistance, in the water used, & in the electrolyte/ electrolysis) Full control over current , Other Units on the market are adjusted ONLY 'via salt' with a straight 24 volt current.. Clean power (pure DC power without excessive ripple) Higher power (from 10 to 16 volts), which translates to creating more negative ions for cleansing and more ability to draw toxins from the body Dual Regulation System, featuring a switching regulator with over-current and over-voltage protection, and adjustable regulator with fold-back circuit Full digital current display, with adjustable treatments to account for variables in the water, in the electrolysis, and in skin resistance Safe construction through three levels of safety protection: a fallback circuit that turns itself off if it detects too much current; an external fuse that shuts down the machine if the fuse blows; and an internal fuse that offers overall protection for the entire unit. Double Insulated for customer protection (no need for a GFI certification) An Optimizer water module that lasts for an average of 60 footbaths and then is completely disposable without the need the replace separate parts A reputation for delivering a high level of customer service and support Through ES, we offer a complete “system” of cleansing, rather than just units; this includes complementary products and supplements, and a dedication to research and sharing of health knowledge with our customers Our unique copper tub adds conductivity to the footbath; this means less amperage is required and that helps extend the life of the Optimizer water module State-of-the-Art Regulator power supply (unlike Transformer Rectifier [TR] technology from 1960s), Clean power supply and discharge, producing more negative ions Unit costs more due to quality of the parts. Other units are under $100 dollars, sold for $495 to $1900. Engineer team has over 40 yrs experience with power supplies from TR units to 30,000vdc used on the moon & beyond.

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