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Posi Vac Coil - Lost Cubit Measurement

Lemurian Posi Vac Coil TM – Lost Cubit Measurement

The LHC is a wonderful addition to any household first-aid kit and a real asset in a healing room. Created with the same principles as the Lemurian Rings utilizing neter lengths, the coil is just another way to define a circle. If you examine the LHC you can see that it is just a closed loop.

The coils differ from the rings in that there is a one-way energy flow that is selectively directed along the axis of the coil. Coils function like energetic vacuum cleaners – they suck darkness, resistance and paiin through the south end, transmute it, and release it as light out of the north end. The negative energy, or darkness, is converted to positive energy, or light at the “Bloch Wall”. The Bloch Wall is the point where the bead is attached to the coil.

Comes in 14K Gold Plate or Sterling Silver Plate

How to Use the LHC:

Notes for the end of the session – noted at the beginning

Don’t forget to Turn it around.

After completing your session as described below, make sure you turn the Coil around and place the north end on the point of focus for a minute or two. This is done because the vacuum effect leaves an opening in the energy field. Holding the north end of the coil over that area acts to seal or bandage it energetically insuring that darkness won’t reattach to the area.

When working with this tool the bead should be away from the body so make sure that “the ball is to the wall” whenever you use a coil.

Holding the Coil about an inch away from the problematic area, and employing a slight circular or in-and-out motion allows the vacuum effect to “couple” onto the pain. This will be felt or sensed by either the client or the practitioner, or both individuals. After the coupling occurs the Coil may start to vibrate or you will notice that the metal gets hot or cold. Sometimes the person you are working on may say that the discomfort has decreased.

The Distance Effect:

As soon as any change is registered, either by the person being worked on or the healer, or in the tool itself, keep the Coil aimed directly at the trouble spot and slowly move it outward into the auric field, in four to eight-inch increments. The research of Dr. Hartmut Muller has shown that the force of gravity is more powerful at the outer reaches of the galaxies than it is at their centers – due to the Law of Correspondences the same is true of the human biofield. The vacuum effect of the Coil increases at a distance, so the further away this tool is held from the body, the stronger the pull will be. In some situations moving out to distances of twenty feet or more is not uncommon.

What happens to the negative energy? Where does it go?

Clairvoyants report that as the pain gets sucked out of the body it appears as if black diesel smoke is moving through the Coil. By the time this dark energy exits, the north pole of the Coil it looks like pure white light. There is no need for the practitioner to be concerned as the energy gets transmuted from negative to positive at the bead.

Chakra Work:

Chakra clearing is greatly enhanced when performed with a coil. To do this all you have to do is hold the coil perpendicular to the chakra and wait for change to register in the client, in you or as vibration or temperature increase/decrease in the tool itself. The clearing effects are more noticeable and lasting.

Better Together:

The LHC can be used in combination with a Lemurian Healing Ring as the two together augment the effects of both. The light from the ring causes anything that is not of the light to come to the surface and the sucking action of the Ciol removes the darkness from the situation or condition immediately. This configuration has proven to be very effective on sprains and broken bones.


Disclaimer: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition or disease. They are for fun, for energy balancing, and for feeling good.


For any medical condition please consult your physician. Please note: 14k Gold or Sterling Silver is used to plate these units. Do not polish, brush, or shine. They will naturally wear over time and the bright polish may diminish which will not hamper the effectiveness of the unit.

Posi Vac Coil - Lost Cubit Measurement

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$189.00Sale Price
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