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Pet Health Plus Cat and Dog Nutrition Formula (32 oz.)

Pet Health Plus

New Life & Vitality for Cats, Dogs, and Horses


Preventative for the young, restorative for the old

32 ounce (pictured) and 1 gallon size options available


Pet Health Plus is a unique Activated Humic blend - it safely and gently detoxifies while supplying essential nutrients, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids that may be missing from your pet's diet.


It’s a revitalizing tune-up for both young and old animals. They love it, and when you see the results, you will too.


Benefits may include:*

  • Restored youthful energy and vitality
  • Improved skin and coat health
  • Gentle and powerful Detox of Heavy Metals, 
    Chemicals and other Toxins
  • Natural anti-inflammatory agents
  • Promotion of healthy muscles, bones, & joints
  • Healthier digestive function
  • Immune health support




Pet Health Plus fuels and renews while safely removing the toxins that may be inhibiting your animal's overall systemic function and health.

Containing minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and enzymes necessary to maintain health, youth and vigor - it’s a powerful immune support formula which can increase your pet’s natural ability to combat a variety of health challenges while supplying essential ingredients that may be missing from your pet’s diet.


Why is Pet Health Plus so important for animals?

The humanization of your pet’s diet which may include lower quality ingredients, preservatives, chemical additives, and denatured cooked foods, is likely to have an adverse effect on their wellness and life span.

Commercially produced pet foods often claim that they're “complete and balanced”, but may fail to provide the necessary level of nutritional support necessary for optimum metabolic function at the cellular level - leading to a breakdown of health and wellness. When this breakdown is sustained, it may lead to the onset of disease, premature aging, stiff joints, and a host of other issues.


Adding Pet Health Plus to your pet's diet is ideal for maintaining your pet’s health and vitality.


Add the following amounts of Pet Health Plus each day to your pets food. The amount they need is based on body weight.


Daily Feeding Guidelines:

(2X daily in food):

up to 5 lbs - 1/2 tsp
6 - 15 lbs - 1 tsp
16 - 35 lbs - 2 tsp
36-60 lbs - 4 tsp
61+ lbs - 6 tsp (1 oz)

(2X daily in food):

up to 7 lbs
1/4 tsp

8 - 25+ lbs
1/2 tsp

(2X daily in food):

First 2 weeks
1 oz

After 2 weeks
2 oz

Easy to use. Simply add Pet Health Plus to your pet’s food or water. It’s practically tasteless so they won’t even notice it’s there.

Pet Health Plus Cat and Dog Nutrition Formula (32 oz.)

$65.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
  • Pet Formula Results:

    Kathy W - Escondido, CA:

    Here are the pics of Sully. He’s doing great on the Pet Health Plus! This is Sully before taking the minerals:


    The photos below were taken after just a month and a half on the Pet Health Plus:


    He's recovered much more quickly and thoroughly than I expected, given the severity of hair loss. He was so miserable and painful on his feet at first. Now he's become more of a goofball every day!

    Dana P - Olivenhain, CA:

    We got a puppy on Craig's List for our daughter's birthday in August.  For the first few days he was very lethargic.  I was concerned he was unwell.  I began to put Pet Health Plus in his food.  I was stunned at how he "came to life"!  He had more energy and became engaged and connected to his personality and the environment.  Since then, he has been getting these minerals in his food every day.  He is an amazing puppy and is very healthy and happy!

    I am convinced your product has made a real difference in the well-being of "Fleck".  He is thriving and well on his way to building a lifetime foundation of health.

    Callie M - Telikicherla, CA:

    We have a 6 year old Black Labrador Retriever named Lucy. For the past 4 years or so, she has been limping chronically. At first we thought that it was because she was over exercising, and had lactic acid buildup. Then we thought that she had joint pain or some kind of injury, or that maybe it was something that happened with pure bred dogs - who knows? People would always comment, "Your dog is limping." and we would agree with them, and then have to explain that we don't know why awkwardly. The vet had no answers for us. Being in the nutritional field myself, I would supplement everything that I could in her food, buying her the best foods on the market for dogs and also supplementing in her dog food my personal green formulas, organic high grade whey protein, omegas, you name it. Still, no results. Two months ago I found the Pet Health Plus and decided to give it a try. Within the first 2 weeks using the minerals in her daily food, we noticed that her energy increased and she was jumping and fetching like a puppy again.. and the best thing that we noticed was that she completely stopped limping! This has been the only thing that has worked for our girl Lucy, and we are extremely pleased and grateful. No more limp! Thank you so much Ambaya Gold!

    L LolaOlk - Winston Salem, NC

    Awhile ago, I was using Dentist in a Bottle and came across information about your Pet Health Plus.  I have an 18-year old and a 12-year old dog, a 10-year old a 5-year old cat.  I was especially interested in it for the older animals.  I had been using a strictly liquid vitamin product for them and it worked well.  When I saw your pet product, though, and realized how effective the Dentist in a Bottle was for me, I decided to give Pet Health Plus a try.  I've never even seen information on this type mineral product before, but it seemed pretty awe inspiring for the body.  My reasoning was that if I felt better using good-quality health products, my older animals would, too.  They do.  I know they won't live forever, but I do know they will feel better and be more comfortable, which they definitely appear to be.  The 18-year old is a chihuahua mix.  He moves pretty slowly and isn't terribly active, but at times he will take off running and leap like a lamb kid!  I haven't seen him do that before, and it makes me happy to see HIM that apparently happy and at times spry enough to enjoy doing that.  He's not so grumpy, either.

    Kathleen - Jerome, AZ:

    I love your formulas and the philosophy behind your company. More importantly, my three feline family members love your formulas as well!
    I started mixing Pet Health Plus into their wet food, and the cats immediately seemed even more interested in cleaning their plates. Within a few days, the cat with the healthiest looking coat became an absolute cover model for sleek and shiny coat.  The other two older gals, including one who has struggled with weight problems over the years, have also shown a marked improvement in coat and energy levels.  
    I absolutely believe that as beloved family members our pets deserve our best efforts -- including clean food and nutritional support. The formulas you have developed are aligned with my passion and commitment  for enhancing the lives of animals.

    Thank you again for your fabulous formulas.

    P.S. I was talking to Julia at Sedona Pet Supply yesterday, and I told her how happy I am with the Pet Health Plus. Since I started with your product, my sluggish overweight cat has been very clear eyed and alert, as if she just "woke up" from a deep sleep.  I'm really happy she is back! Julia responded that she has received a lot of similar and favorable feedback.

    Sarah L & Pete M - Victor, ID:

    We have been using the Pet Health Plus formula for our chocolate lab, Shasta. She has had a chronic lameness in her front leg for almost a year. We tried everything. We put her on various supplements, medications, changed her diet and exercise routines and have had countless vet visits, and have even gotten xrays. Nothing was working. Now, after just 3 weeks on Pet Health Plus, there has been a marked difference in her gait. She seems much healthier and there is little trace of the debilitating limp that had her depressed and hurting.

    Thank you so much for a wonderful product and for giving Shasta some pep in her life again!

    S Casper - Prescott, AZ:

    I started giving Pet Health Plus to my 13 year old Cattle Dog and she now acts years younger.  She is brighter, more playful, and energetic.  The results have been amazing for her.  She looks forward to her meals with the Pet Health Plus.

    Jo H - Ashburton, Australia:

    I have a very precious cat called Tissie. She is 19 years old and was dying from kidney failure. She was so low in energy that I knew a trip to the vet would 'do her in'. She's now running around again after less than 2 weeks on the Pet Health Plus. Before, she was even unable to drag her back legs or, at her worst, get out of her bed. She was not eliminating anything and I was preparing myself for her loss. Not now - she is bright and happier and asking for more and more food and water and will wait until I pour in her minerals!!

    Thank you all at Ambaya Gold for the life of my cat!!

    Nancy O - Greensboro, NC:

    When I moved to this farm a year ago, I was adopted by one of the farm cats already here, Ms Lucy. Well, this cat had tiny little scabby sores all over her body that no matter what I tried to give her, including herbs, minerals, a primo cat diet, the sores remained. However within EIGHT DAYS of being on the Pet Health Plus, these sores have all but disappeared. I am astounded!

    Sophia O. - Dunsmuir, California:

    My 19 year old cat Winston - who has traveled all over the country with me - had lost a lot of weight. He was very low on energy and was extremely fragile and frail. After 2 weeks on your Pet Health Plus formula, he's gained more vitality, is perkier and more present and has gained some of his strength and weight back. I believe it's prolonging his life. I'm very pleased and am looking forward to using more of your formulas for myself.

    Melanie C - Prescott, AZ:

    I have been using the Pet Health Plus product for my two dogs and the results have been amazing.  My older dog, 13 years young, was very crippled and painful, she is now off of her pain medications and much more vibrant and spunky.  My younger dog, 1 years young, her coat has improved dramatically.  Her hair is softer and she is not shedding as much.

    Thank you very much for the wonderful product!

    Kristy C - Dunsmuir, California:

    I have been using your Pet Health Plus product for my two dogs and the results have been amazing.  My older dog, 13 years young, was very crippled and painful, she is now off of her pain medications and much more vibrant and spunky.  My younger dog, 1 years young, her coat has improved dramatically.  Her hair is softer and she is not shedding as much. Thank you very much for the wonderful product!

    Jeanine B - Rohnert Park, CA:

    I discovered Pet Health Plus when one of my cats was in the later stages of Sarcoma on her paw. I’m happy to report that today I have a very healthy 14 year-old black cat  and a very health 11 year-old Lab.  They have great appetites, good energy, beautiful, thick, shiny coats, and are well dispositioned and playful – with no signs of geriatric disease.

    Hellen E - Montreal, Quebec:

    One of my cats had a bad gas problem, and scooting (even worse) since kittenhood, all cleared up within one month of using Pet Health Plus. The other had dry skin, dandruff, always scratching himself constantly and, watery eyes, also all cleared up! Their coats are shiny, eyes clear, they are frisky again, alert and content.

    Richard B - Seattle, WA:

    I have 2 cats - 1 is age 12, 1 is 10 years old. Before I started adding Pet Health Plus to their food, they were healthy and in good shape - I didn't expect to notice any change. But, within the 1st week, my 12 year old cat became more playful and communicative. He's always been an affectionate cat, but now he looks directly into my eyes - he is more present and, for lack of a better description, more human - more intelligent. The 10 year old cat has always been a bit stand-offish and aloof and, just as with the other kitty, he's become more affectionate. They're both just much happier. Neither of my cats even notice that I've added anything to their food either - which is amazing for a cat.

    Pindi A - Athens, GA:

    (July 7, 2008) My dog had the most stubborn case of tapeworms.  I had tried everything from diatomaceous earth, pumpkin seeds, herbs, and homeopathy to a conventional pet de-wormer from the vet. They would clear up for a little while but then come right back. He had had them for about 6 months when I started him on the Pet Health Plus.  I am thrilled to say that they cleared up in no time at all and I haven't seen any since. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

    (August 11, 2008) My dog is doing awesome!!!! I continue to give her the Pet Health Plus, and she as well as my other dog and cat are all going to stay on the Pet Health Plus for life.

    Thank you again for making such magical formulas.

    (February 7, 2010) I have been a huge fan of your formulas ever since they cured my dog's serious illness two years ago. Now I have another success story and this one was quite unexpected. I’ve been taking ORME Zeolite for a couple of months now for no particular health concern. But to my surprise, I noticed that some menstrual troubles that I had been having for about 5 years now have completely disappeared!! I had tried all kinds of herbs, acupuncture, and other supplements with no results. I am thrilled with this unexpected outcome of taking the Zeolite. You never cease to amaze me with your wonderful formulas, Ambaya Gold. Thank you.

    Brandon C - Bayfield, CO:

    I started using the Pet Health Plus the day I received it and was excited about using it for the care of my 7 year old shepherd mix dog who acquired a limp just recently. After about 1 week she started getting up with ease and has a happy disposition. She is very happy to receive a bowl of food now and finishes it every time! Thank you for the science and the care that obviously went into the formula.

    Ann M - Camp Verde AZ:

    I want everyone who loves their pets (and that is all of us who have pets) to read this amazing recounting of the results that were gained by using the Ambaya Gold Pet Health Plus.  I had a pure bred Siberian Husky named Groza.  She was my husband’s and my little girl, she had one blue eye like my husband and one brown eye like mine so we considered her our little girl.  When she was younger, I would say about 7 she blew out her ACL jumping off the back of a truck.  We had to have that knee surgically rebuilt – she was healthy as a horse before this operation and injury.  It took her almost 6 months to recover from the surgery, she had lost a large amount of weight and was still tender with that knee.  A couple of years later she blew out her other ACL and we spoke to our Vet and let him know that we did not think that she would survive another knee replacement and he let us know that the end result if we didn’t rebuilt the knee would be arthritis.  We were not okay with this but we also knew it was the lesser of the evils for our baby so we decided not to do the second knee replacement.  Fast forward, Groza is now 14 years old – that is OLD for a pure bred Husky but she was “showing her age”, not getting up as quickly and just generally slowing down.  I found the Ambaya Gold Pet Health Plus serendipitously in the course of my work, I work in the field of natural alternatives for health problems for people. I started Groza and my other two dogs on the Pet Health Plus and I have to say I almost regretted it at first, she was jumping around like a puppy!  And she was 14 YEARS OLD!  I thought – “oh no, be careful of your knees” but she continued to get “younger and more puppy like” with every day that she was on the minerals.  She was playing with our other two dogs, Scooter who was 7 and Bennie who was 3 like she was younger than either of them.  I called Ambaya Gold and said “I think I may have done something bad, Groza is acting like a puppy and I am worried about her knees but she is SO HAPPY!”  Bottom line, Groza was on the minerals for another year, that would bring her to 15 YEARS OLD.  She enjoyed that last year of her life more than ever due to the HUGE health benefits from being on the Pet Health Plus.  Groza was able in the 15th year to play with  “her puppies” and enjoy the end of a long life and I truly believe she would not have enjoyed her final year as much as she did and felt so “puppy like” if we had not found Pet Health Plus.  Scooter and Bennie, like my husband and I, miss Groza extremely but I can honestly say that Scooter and Bennie will live out the rest of their lives –hopefully at least 15 years each – with Pet Health Plus in their bowls at night.  Oh by the way, they love it and will wait to eat until I put it on their food if, heaven forbid, I forget!

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