MHC's Massage

Let MHC's 60 minute massage work out your tense stressed muscles and blocked energy. MHC uses his strong tactile hands and several various hand and energy techniques to bring about your optimal comfort and performance potential. MHC combines Deep Tissue Sports Massage combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology, Reiki, deep tissue, Active Release Technique, and loving healing touch to make you feel amazing and help relieve physical symptoms.


The health of your organs is directly related to your musculature health. So if you have personal health issues with certain organs, then relaxing and relieving tension in the muscles associated with those organs wiii greatly enhance your health and make you feel a lot better. You wont have a more meaningful massage and energy upgrade than with MHC working on the marvelous You...

MHC's Massage

$75.00 Regular Price
$69.00Sale Price
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