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LH-R2 Agricultural Harmonizer

LH-R2 Lemurian Healing Tool

The LH-R2  grew out of our desire to create a stronger relationship between Mother Earth and Humanity. The better the connection between the two-the more they work seamlessly together. We focus on harmonizing the relationship between natures environment and all who inhabit it while using years of experience to bring out the optimum connection between physics, artistry, and Humankind. To activate the LH-R2 simply hang on a hook and set your intention. The Unit is self adjusting so nothing else is necessary.  To Broadcast or amplify the LH-R2 to a greater distance extending beyond 20 miles, simply play the Lemurian Resonance CD that is included.  The volume level is not important so the CD can be played very softly.  You may notice birds and animals are very sensitive to the loving environment the LH-R2 creates, while plants and gardens respond almost immediately.


The LHR2, suspended in any atmosphere, uplifts and improves everything in its field.  Comprised of two powerful units – the Lemurian Environmental Harmonizer (or the larger Lemurian Agricultural Harmonizer) as well as the added technology of the Lemurian Posi-vac Coil, it is self-adjusting  – moving based on what is needed to acquire balance within it’s surroundings. Like other harmonizing units, it has a large radius of field cleaning the darkness, resistance and discordant energy, transmuting it into Light and broadcasting it into the field…

Comes in two sizes: – LHR2 Environmental  $677 – LHR2 Agricultural    $998   Available in Rose Plate (for the Heart), Green Gold (for Mother Nature), 14K Gold Plate and Sterling Silver. The Lemurian Resonance CD is Included. Stand and Ring are not included.

LH-R2 Agricultural Harmonizer

$688.00 Regular Price
$650.00Sale Price
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