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Lemurian Environmental Harmonizer

Lemurian Environmental Harmonizer ™ generates a field of energy that infuses everything in the environment with higher frequencies of light.


Comes in SterlingSilver, 14K Gold Plate or Rose Gold and our new release, Gaia Green Gold.

Inspired and created first by the “true Lord of the Rings” Slim Spurling, the LEH is formed by the utlization of ancient measurements known as neter lengths – codes for the specific wavelengths that Spirit utilizes to manifest in 3-Dimensional form… Made within the perfect symmetry of the circle they are twisted and soldered in such a way so that each vibrates with a frequency or quality of light.
This is how people have used this harmonizing technology:




The Lemurian Enviornmental Harmonizer placed in a home or office uplifts everything and improves the overall atmosphere. Anything that isn’t thriving shifts – the effects are subtle but there is no doubt that the LEH enhances the quality of life wherever it is humming. Without sound this tool maintains a field radius of 100 Feet. Coupled with the frequencies of the Lemurian Resonance CD TM that comes with the unit – the radius expands to fifteen miles.


POSITION THE LEH between the speakers of a CD player or place headphones around it and play the sound into it for at least 2 hours a day. The volume doesn’t have to be up – as long as the CD is running the frequencies will do their work.


This unit comes in gold or silver and comes with the Clearing CD and a beautiful TC 9 cm Energy Plate made from hand polished glass. These plates are tuned to the orbit of the Earth and Venus around the Sun, creating a gently flowing energy. Emblazoned with the Flower of Life symbol in 24 carat gold at approximately 750 degrees F, they make a perfect resting place from which to launch the powerful effects of the LEH and also amplifies the vitalizing effects.

Disclaimer: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition or disease. They are for fun, for energy balancing, and for feeling good.

For any medical condition please consult your physician. Please note: 14k Gold or Sterling Silver is used to plate these units. Do not polish, brush, or shine. They will naturally wear over time and the bright polish may diminish which will not hamper the effectiveness of the unit.


Lemurian Environmental Harmonizer

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$462.00Sale Price
  •   As many of us realize, besides the harmonizing coherence of the Christ Grid, there also are negative configurations of energy that encircle the Earth. Less well understood is the fact that areas of weather disturbances, and areas where the rate of crime and violence is high, can actually be mapped out just by knowing where these "geopathic" energy lines exist, and especially where they intersect. These predictable areas are especially prevalent in cities, because they are either created or exacerbated by technological emanations, especially from electricity and microwaves.


    The harmonizer incorporates laws of physics and ancient metaphysical laws based on the measurement of the cubit. In the ancient world, there were at least 19 known cubit lengths — possibly more, but we know of 19. Each cubit measurement was known to be like a face of God in a numerical code.


    There is naturally occurring geopathic stress that is caused by fissures, underground waterways, or natural gases in the Earth. The ancients observed the landscape and avoided these areas of stress. The same is true of the Aborigines and other indigenous peoples that have a deep connection with the Earth.


    The Chinese dowsed for Dragon and Tiger lines over five thousand years ago. The absence of these lines guided them to the proper places for buildings. Areas of geopathic stress can be easily observed in the landscape. For example, a twisted tree reflects geopathic stress. If the branch of a tree is growing at a 90-degree angle, this indicates that the tree is making an effort to grow out of a stressful area. And wherever there is poverty, crime, or decay in a city, we find that the life force of that area is in the path of a negative frequency zone. This can actually be proven through dowsing.

    In 1950, Ernst Hartmann discovered the Hartmann lines, which have been proven scientifically to exist. The Hartmann lines are essentially grid lines of energy that run from north to south and from east to west. They are caused by the overuse of electricity. Electricity, microwaves, cell phones, cell phone towers, power lines, and transformer boxes all form a wave or fog of negativity that surrounds us. These energies combine with natural Earth frequencies to form a curtain that extends as far as 60 feet below and above the Earth. These lines are approximately 9 inches wide, but increase to 30 inches when the moon is full. It is known that wherever two or more Hartmann lines intersect, there is an island of negative frequency, and the life force is at a low level.


    You can’t escape or avoid this type of energy in a city, and it is a given that someone living in a heavily populated area has an increased risk of developing cancer. There are no Hartmann lines — and no cancer

    — in the Amazon. Ninety-nine percent of serious illnesses in cities are caused by Hartmann lines. When the Hartman lines or geopathic lines are cleared, a dying tree will revive. After the Hartmann and geopathic lines are cleared, there is a third type of line: the personal or interference lines of energy. When I work with people, I ask them if there is anything they want to improve or correct in their lives. Areas of improvement may include relationships, children, spirit presences, or finances. Then I dowse to clear the lines that are interfering with harmony in those areas.  For example, I might dowse around a house and ask to find the interference lines from the west that interfere with money. These lines can be dowsed and cleared.


    The effect of the lines of stress can include illness, unhappy relationships, financial stress and low energy level. Illnesses, in particular, are associated with these areas. Cardiovascular deficiency, attention deficit disorder, immune deficiency diseases, chronic fatigue, and cancer are examples of the effects of living in chronically stressed areas. The Hartmann Grids and Geopathic Zones adversely affect the cellular structure of living organisms. Low-income areas, with the accompanying high crime rate, also tend to be stressed areas. A high crime rate also is associated especially with Hartmann lines.


    The harmonizers have an incredible effect on your surroundings. They clear the energy around you. We are living in a weird, strange world with ELF and microwaves. The unseen frequencies have had a huge effect. They cut through our biofields, and we’re swimming in the microwaves.The harmonizer creates a world that remains clear of that energy. It creates the frequency of harmony in your life. Anything can be put in the harmonizer, such as water, food, or intentions, and the energy is heightened or changed. I often put homeopathic remedies in the harmonizer, and the molecules of the remedy will travel through your home. You can write a note expressing intention, such as resolution to a problem, and place it in the harmonizer to eliminate the frequencies of the related problem or illnesses from your life. Any intention will be broadcast through them the same way the frequencies are spread or diffused if you will them into the Unified Field.


    It is important to keep in mind that these devices work without intent, too. What this means is that there is a wisdom inherent in the Sacred Geometry and the cubit lengths employed in their construction that “knows” what is needed to restore harmony to any situation. I always say to people who ask me about putting intention into them that, yes, you can do that, but we’re talking about God and Light here, so it’s just as productive to sit back and allow Spirit to move the way it needs to.


    There are two known cubit lengths — the Sacred Cubit and the Lost Cubit. When a known cubit length makes a closed circuit or loop, it creates a frequency. The Sacred Cubit is based on measurements from the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. It has a natural harmonic constant in both length and natural reasonant frequency that relates to the speed of light in free space, or 144,000 geodetic miles-per-second. The Lost Cubit seems to be associated with Conscious Creation. It vibrates faster than the speed of light, at 177,000 megahertz.


    The harmonizer is composed of 3 rings in a pattern (Sacred Cubit) in which all three rings are anchored equally from one another. This creates beams of light that vibrate at a high frequency and radiate in all directions of the field. This creates a spherical toroidal field of light that vibrates at 144 megahertz. The toroidal field vibrates at the speed of light. Every atom, every electron in the field of the harmonizer is activated or injected with more light, so that the atoms and electrons vibrate at a higher level. We know from both a metaphysical and a scientific perspective that everything is light. The harmonizer adds light energy to any situation, environment, or to physical matter. The laws of physics dictate that the higher energy eliminates or pushes away the lower waves of energy that would normally bombard you.

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