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Harmonizing Set (3 Rings, Environmental Harmonizer)

Lemurian Environmental Harmonizer
Generates a field of energy that infuses everything in the environment with higher frequencies of light. Placing in a home or office uplifts everything and improves the overall atmosphere. Anything that isn’t thriving shifts.
Harmonizer Choice: Silver or Gold


The Lemurian Harmonizing Rings
are formed by the utilization of ancient measurements known as neter lengths – codes for the specific wavelengths that Spirit utilizes to manifest in 3-Dimensional form…


Each ring forms a column of beam of light that extends outward from the tensor field (or plane) within the circumference of the wire – in both directions! Anything you aim the ring towards or whatever you place within it will be dramatically affected by the energies coming from the tensor field.

– 1/2 Cubit 1 Bead
– Sacred Cubit 3 Bead
– Lost Cubit 3 Bead,

Harmonizing Set (3 Rings, Environmental Harmonizer)

$642.00 Regular Price
$609.90Sale Price
Metal Plating choice
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