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Feed Back Loop

Lemurian Feed Back Loop – Sacred Measurement


In 14K Gold Plate or Sterling Silver Plate

The Lemurian Healing Loop (LHL) is similar to the Lemurian Healing Coil (LHC) in that they have a vacuum effect. The main difference between the Loop and the Coil is that the Loop not only pulls darkness, pain, and negativity out of people/situations – it sends light right back in. whatever is removed is replaced with pure white light – immediately.


Studying the topography of a LHL, it is easy to picture how this transmutation of energy occurs. This tool is basically a smaller diameter Coil that has been curved, or turned back on itself. No longer on an axis, the south and north poles form two ports or openings that are parallel to each other. As darkness gets sucked into one port, it travels through the coil and the spin is reversed at the halfway point. A “phase conjugate mirror” effect transmutes negative to positive and only what is of the light exists the second port. This light fills whatever it is aimed aat with beneficial, healing energy.


How to Work with a Lemurian Healing Loop™:
To use a LHL hold the coiled portion of the tool lightly in your hand an inch or two from the point you are focusing on. With the ports aimed at the trouble spot, gently sweep or brush the area until the coupling effect takes place. Hold the Loop where it is and wait for change to register in the client, the tool, or in the practitioner. As soon as any change occurs move gradually outward into the client’s auric field in four to eight inch increments. This distance factor applies as much to the feedback loop as it does to the coil – the farther away it is from the body, the stronger the clearing effects will be.


Another way to use the LHL is to hold it an inch or two from the body and sweep or comb the problem area, “patting the cat” so to speak, with light. This method is a gentle, non-invasive way to break up resistance and pain by bombarding it with positive energy. If you imagine what its like to go to the car wash and use the high pressure hose to clean caked on road grime or mud off your wheel hubs at the end of mud season, this is what the sweeping motion of the LHL does to a sensitive areas.


In Combination:
The Lemurian Healing Loop like the Lemuring Healing Coil, can be used in combination with a ring in any situation you can think of to apply it to. Both tools together looped over a riing offer the best method fo charging and potentizing water. The Ring immerses whatever you wish to heal, enlighten, or charge in a column of light, the Coil sucks all the darkness out of the situation, and the Loop replenishes everything in a way that creates a continuous flow of positive energy. This threesome can’t be beat wherever it is applied.


Loops can also be used in Ring layouts or for distance work. Just looping one over a Ring amplifies the healing effects. Mounting a Coil on top of a Loop is another good combination and could best be described as a “double whammy”.



Disclaimer: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition or disease. They are for fun, for energy balancing, and for feeling good.

For any medical condition please consult your physician. Please note: 14k Gold or Sterling Silver is used to plate these units. Do not polish, brush, or shine. They will naturally wear over time and the bright polish may diminish which will not hamper the effectiveness of the unit.

Feed Back Loop

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