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Dentist in a Bottle™  (16 oz.) 96 Servings


• Fresher Breath
• Assistance with the prevention of tooth decay
• Support for healthy teeth and gums
• Overall improvement in oral health
• Increased immune system support


Servings Per Container
16oz: 96


Shake well before using. (This is a natural product and some separation will occur.)
Do not refrigerate.


Dentist in a Bottle is a powerful natural support for healthy teeth and gums. This highly effective oral care rinse is a natural alternative to toxic mouthwashes, and when swallowed, it can offer immune support for the entire body. By reducing harmful bacteria growth and replacing essential minerals, Dentist in a Bottle freshens the mouth all day, while it assists in the prevention and remediation of gum and tooth decay. 


Other Ingredients: Himalayan crystal minerals, stabilized oxygen concentrate, plant-based enzyme phytonutrients, vegetable glycerin, vegetable lecithin, birch xylitol

Dentist in a Bottle™ (16 oz.) 96 Servings

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