Bullet-Proof Break-Fast Keto-Kit
MHC's approved way to start your day is all laid out here for you in this ketogenic approach of eating and metabolism.  Fat for breakfast is the way to go to help avoid sugar crash, brain fog and poor performance.  Try starting your day this way and feel the difference. Consult with MHC or your health practitioner before beginning any health program.
Your BulletProof Breakfast Keto Kit includes the following items:
	1 twelve ounce bag of BulletProof Organic Whole Coffee Beans
	1.5 ounce bag of B-Rad & Joya's Long-Jevi-Tea, makes 70 cups
	1 pound bag of Upgraded Collagen Protein Powder
	1 BulletProof Brain Octane 32 ounce bottle
	1 pound of Organic Cacao Butter, brick from Bali

Retail price on the above is $140.90. 
This MHC combo kit is only $127!!
Reccomended additional items: cacao powder, cinnamon, maca, stevia and xylitol.
The above makes the most nutritious hot chococlate you ever had!
Directions:  Make the tea and or coffee as a liquid base to your breakfast, then add Brain Octane, cacao butter, and any other healthy fats you want. Add in any additional items like cacao, cinnamon and sweetener and blend for 20-30 seconds. Enjoy! I add an ice cube or two if time is tight.

Bullet-Proof Break-Fast Keto-Kit

$145.95 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price
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