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BCX Ultra Rife Frequency Emitting Device

BCX ULTRA Rife Machine (predecessor BCX-411 BCX-211) –

’Rife Frequency Sessions’ expose disease organisms to highly-modified forms of their own unique frequency, viruses and bacteria can be eliminated by the millions leaving healthy tissue unharmed. Validated by nearly 80 years of research, this technology can be used for experimental research purposes on pathogens and other metabolic deficiencies like Arthritis, Fungus, Virus, Candida, Migraines, Infections, Herpes, Lyme disease, Depression, Kidney Insufficiency, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Liver Congestion & many other conditions. 


BCX ULTRA features - 1426 Pre-programmed channels for many common conditions, 256 channels to program with your own frequencies. Frequency plasma Ray Tubes with a range up to 100,000 Hz. Electrode delivery with a range up to 1,000,000 MHz, An exciting range of Wave forms· square, sine, triangle and more to assist with the advanced research The BCX Ultra rife device has a carrier frequency that penetrates deeper and farther.


It has been shown in scientific studies on bioelectric impedance analysis in the body that audio frequencies will enter the body but only travel in the connective tissue around cells. Studies also show the closer to 1 megahertz the greater the penetration into the cells. Because of this Dr. Rife always used a carrier frequency in the MGz range so the frequency could enter the body and cells where the microbes are located. The BCX ULTRA Rife has the ability to produce a 1 megahertz carrier frequency for better penetration deep into cells where the microbes live. 


Dr. Rife stated, “ Now the spikes that you see on the frequencies are the lethal part that kill and devitalize the virus. They are the resonant peaks of the frequencies which increase the voltage to a very high potential which the cells of the virus wall can not tolerate and they break up into many pieces and are destroyed.” This statement is according to John Crane who worked with Dr. Royal Rife. 


INCLUDES: BCX Ultra control unit (110v & 220v) Two Ray Tube (Noble Gas glass electrodes) - containing argon, krypton, xenon & neon,

Metal foot plate electrodes

Metal hand held cylinder electrodes

Pre-gelled body contact electrodes (1 pair) DVD Instruction disk 1 year warranty (details) 


OPTIONAL Accessories: LED Applicator Wands (Red or Green) - $90.00 ea

Free-Standing Coil Electrode - $1,100.00 


BENEFITS Could possibly Improve: Arthritis Fungus, Virus, Candida, Infections, Herpes Lyme disease, Lupus, Migraines, Depression Kidney Insufficiency, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Liver Congestion Health and well being & many other common conditions.



This is scientific experimental equipment.  Use at your own risk.  Read manual before using.  Be careful and be well!

BCX Ultra Rife Frequency Emitting Device

$2,750.00 Regular Price
$2,695.00Sale Price
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