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Balance Combo

Now that you haved utilized Purified and Nourished combo deals, you are ready to maximize on BALANCE combo deal from MHC!  

Choose your favorite 3 x 20 packs of peptide bioregulators


The MHC's BALANCE Combo Deal includes:


  • Peptide Bio-Regulators, three (3) of your choice 20 packs - $59.95 x 3 = $179.85
  • Super 6 Pack Q~CHIPS (pick any 6 Q~CHIPS all in one card - $369
  • Crystal Energy water drops 4 oz. - $40


Retail  Total = $588.85

MHC BALANCE Combo Deal = only $375.00 

Save $193.85



Directions included ffrom manufacturer is found on each bottle, however if you would like more information on how best to consuime these (when, how long, etc.)


MHC offers remote phone/video coaching and consulting services for PURIFY, NOURISH, BALANCE combo deal purchasers at special discount Three 1 hour sessions is only $150.   


Balance Combo

$588.85 Regular Price
$375.00Sale Price
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