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14 Body Organ/Circuit Stimulation with LifeStream & Kinseiology

MHC is the medium between You and the LifeStream Generator for part of your session. MHC combines his Kinesiology/TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge of your electric body AND the radiant power of the million volt LifeStream Generator for your life enhancement.


· Achieve Mental Clarity and Improve Memory
· Increases cellular Voltage to your 75+ Trillion Cells
· Stimulates Cellular Communication & Detox
· Instantly Feel More Energized and Grounded
· Balance your Internal Energy Grid
· Open Energy Blockages
· Live in Optimum Energetic Balance
· Charge-up Your Aura to Repel Bad EMF
· Induce Higher Energies to your Energy Field
· Great for Couples Therapy  


You stand on a grounding marble plate, in front of the Radiant Energy Charging Device (1 Million Volts LifeStream Generator) and MHC conducts the radiant energy symphony.  MHC physically channels and focuses the radiant energy from the device directly into your 14 radiant energy organ circuits (brain, back, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, gall/bladder, stomach, spleen, sm. and lg. intestines, circulation sex, and triple warmer). MHC access the 14 circuits via your fingers, toes, and ears and/or anywhere that physically hurts.


You might never be the same and definetly enlightened and energized to deal with your most pressing bio energeticshift...yet...


You are an electrical being that converts food in to voltage to operate your 75 trillion cells.  The mitchondria is your cellular battery and when its low from a host of common reasons, the cells dont have the "juice" to perform their cellular "house" work. So cells get dirty, weak and mutate, times a few trillion and you get sick or worse.  


All healthy human cells operate at 0.7- 0.9 Volts.  

Cancerous cells operate at 0.1 -0.2 Volts.  


Take “CHARGE” of your LIFE!


Use the Life Stream Generator with focused energy from MHC for 15 minutes 1-3 times a week and you will soon optimize, enliven, balance and regain your youthful energy!

Energize your life and manifest your breakthroughs!


Delivery/Rental Service of the Life Stream Generator to Sedona area and beyond...

PS Amps will kill you from the outlet in your walls. This is radiant and emits voltage that is absorrbed by the trillions of cells and utilized accordingly to bodies grand design


The One Million Volt Life Stream Generator uses Radiant Zero Point Energy to send a Unified Energy Field throughout the body. This raises the body’s cellular voltage, bringing back balance and enables body & mind to return to well being. Your body and mind will detoxify on its own from everyday and cumulative negative energy and stress. You will awaken innate healing within YOU!

14 Body Organ/Circuit Stimulation with LifeStream & Kinseiology

$50.00 Regular Price
$44.00Sale Price
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