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1 Million Volt Lifestream Generator- Energize, Ground & Clarity

The One Million Volt Life Stream Generator uses Radiant Zero Point Energy to send a Unified Energy Field throughout the body. This raises the body’s cellular voltage, bringing back balance and enables body & mind to return to well being. Your body and mind will detoxify on its own from everyday and cumulative negative energy and stress. You will awaken innate healing within YOU!

· Achieve Mental Clarity and Improve Memory
·  Increases cellular Voltage to your 75+ Trillion Cells
· Stimulates Cellular Communication & Detox
· Instantly Feel More Energized and Grounded
· Balance your Internal Energy Grid
· Open Energy Blockages
· Live in Optimum Energetic Balance
· Charge-up Your Aura to Repel Bad EMF
· Induce Higher Energies to your Energy Field
· Charge your Water, Food & Crystals 
· Great for Couples Therapy  



All healthy human cells operate at 0.7- 0.9 Volts. 

Cancerous cells operate at 0.1 -0.2 Volts. 

Take “CHARGE” of your LIFE!

Use the Life Stream Generator for 15 minutes 1-3 times a week and you will soon optimize, balance and regain your youthful energy!

Energize your life and manifest your breakthroughs!

Delivery/Rental Service of the Life Stream Generator to Sedona area and beyond...


The Lifestream Generator is a combined technological achievement basing research from Nikola Tesla, George Lakhovsky and George W. Van Tassel. There is a combination of over 100 years of research to bring this technology to mankind. The Lifestream Generator uses Radiant energy waves to send a Unified Field of Energy through the body and in the process raising the cell voltage of all parts of the body thus bringing back a balance to oneself and allowing the body and mind to bring itself back into well being. Your body and mind will detoxify on its own and will gain the youthful energy it once had. Your body will optimize and balance.


This device is a Radiant Energy Device and has proven to show miraculous effects on all life on this planet. From humans to animals and plants. Radiant Energy Technology when produced causes oneself to re-connect to the planets Earth Pulse and will naturally bring you back to balance from all surrounding exposures to energies that cause imbalances (EMF, RFI, power lines, etc.) The energy emitted from the Lifestream is a noticeable energy. You will feel it! You can interact with it! You can pass it to others! The benefits are nearly instantaneous. Your body and mind will relax within minutes and will proceed to eliminate your stress centers of the imbalances that cause the body to store or hold these harmful imbalances. 


Own a Lifestream Generator and start living your life the way it was intended to be. In Balance! This device uses Radiant Energy Technology that has not been used in such devices until now. The results have been amazing. We have re-discovered this gift for mankind and wish to share it with the world! " 


1 Million Volt Lifestream Generator- Energize, Ground & Clarity

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