CITRUS BLAST Essential Oil Blend (15 mL)


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  • Model: Citrus Blast
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  • Manufactured by: Dr. Nick E.O. Wizardry


Citrus Blast 

~ Natural Fruit Burst ~

Sweet citrus explosion of balanced excitement, the combination leads to smiles & elevated mood. This was the first blend that ever came through me with my EO collection in 2012. Citrus oils were the first botanical essences I began exploring with. My first experiment took a full bodied blood orange essence (think a bite of refreshing juicy orange), and blended a sour and uplifting lemon into the mix. A sweet distilled lime ended the blend in a perfect marriage amongst citrus. Balanced, uplifting, sweet and presents a natural candy essence. Definitely smells like it wants to go in your foods & beverages – very concentrated!

Dr. Nick's Notes:

Shine bright and soar with the kings... Epically uplifting blend, suitable for a cocktail additive (1 drop in 8-16 ounces of beverage). Incredibly fresh and clarifying ~ colors may appear more bright and vibrant. My favorite usage is when shared through an Essential VAAAPP vaporizer. Don't wear on the skin in direct sunlight for extended periods of time as there is some risk for burns (phototoxicity). May be some concern with skin contact in general due to limonene content.

Combination of essential oils of: 100% Pure & Authentic Essential Oils of organic distilled Lemon, organic distilled Lime & Blood Orange.  Available as a concentrate (undiluted).


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